Floor Mat Safety

Safety floor mat

Occupational safety floor mats standing on a safety mat increase occupational safety and optimise productivity. Raise awareness of important safety issues by using our thematic slogan "Safety": Doormats! Major car manufacturers around the world will even remember floor mats when there is a problem because it poses a potential safety risk. Doormats are available at very reasonable prices. The Anderson Safety Saddle Pad is a durable mat that is perfect for keeping the floor clean and safe.

Four special mats developed for safety and comfort in the workplace.

Matting for professional use is generally known as industry matting and is usually supplied with various special designs to suit the use. The use of industry matting is for two major reasons: convenience in the work place and general safety or shelter. Special matting that has been specially developed to ensure a comfortable working environment is generally termed anti-fatigue matting because it provides employees with ergonomical comforts.

Of course, most matting has several of these special styling characteristics to improve its function. All of these special mat styles and other more specific/defined uses are explained below. Like already said, anti-fatigue matting is a special installation developed to offer ergonomical convenience to employees in an administrative or commercial environment.

One of the key benefits of using these mat styles is that they help improve your production, as laid-back employees are usually more imaginative and productiv. Usually, a standard anti-fatigue mat contains a thick plastic liner or high-density pillow wedged between two elastic or synthetic backs to give a vertical subject lift and thus help alleviate tiredness and bodily ache.

Many different kinds of ergonomical matting are available, all of which have specific design to suit the application, such as stand up, kneel down or even operate machines. They are used to provide heating or warming for offices in colder weathers. Preheated blankets provide employees with protection from the elements and thus provide a comfortable workspace.

You can see that heating matting is essentially an ergonomically designed mat that meets the above anti-fatigue class. This mat has various anti-slip properties that ensure good ankle support and safety in the work area. Antislip safety matting has specially designed adherent backs for heavy duty surfacing and structured tops to ensure sufficient front side haul.

As well as all the above safety and convenience advantages, some specialist sectors need extra functions in a mat. Industry matting for electric operating environments such as arc-welding uses specifically developed matting that conducts current safely to help prevent worker exposure to electric shocks. The majority of processing industry also prefers ESD-dissipative matting.

This mat neutralizes all electrical discharges during manufacturing and thus avoids charging at the workstation. A number of other specialised sectors, such as the healthcare sector, need anti-microbial matting to guarantee safety and sanitation in the work place. Then we have a variety of industry sectors that opt for matting with unique physics, such as chemically stable matting, waterproof matting, sound absorption, oils and greases and many other characteristics according to the use.

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