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Runner vs. mats

It' s a fact that the distinction between an entrée mats and an entrée runners is subtile. In general, the input mats are not bigger than 5'x10', although there are customer -specific oversized mats that go beyond these sizes. Runners, on the other side, can run up to a length of 50'. Considering this fundamental differences in sizes, it is useful to recall that "mats" are designed to monitor deposits and accumulations of humidity at the point of entering a home, while a "runner" wants to reach similar targets over longer floor areas.

The purpose of this paper is to give a fundamental survey of entry mats versus entry runners and at the same time give advice for institutions that are not able to see themselves choosing one over the other. In most cases entry mats are the easiest type of entry mats for any plant. Enterprises can decide on colours that supplement the corporate design or even personalise their entry mats with the corporate design.

In addition, the mat materials should be chosen on the basis of the number of visitors the area receives: Areas with low traffic: Rugs and mats are the most common options for low-traffic areas. The mats come in a wide range of different shapes and are able to meet the needs of most establishments.

Mats are also a good choice as they allow companies to present a corporate brand or corporate message in a prominent manner at all key points of access. Temperate traffic areas: Wasserhog mats are an excellent choice, as are large input mats (), which are described in more detail in the input mats section below.

Areas with high traffic: Concerns about security in heavily frequented areas are greater as the number of people passing through these points of access throughout the entire working week rises sharply. Embedded mats are ideally suited for such surroundings and are available in a wide range of materials/surface structures. Countersunk mats are level with the floor and minimise the probability of unintentional impacts and drops.

As an alternative, long input channels can also be used in highly frequented areas (see section Input channels below). Input runners are single extended mats that can accommodate 6', 8' or customer specific length up to 120' (depending on model). Several advantages of using an entry-level carpet over a conventional entry-level carpet exist, including:

Inlet runners are sometimes the most secure matt finish choice for establishments with medium to high levels of inflow and outflow. Longer mats correspond to a bigger area on which the footwear is washed. Entry runners are available in many of the same finishes and colours as their smaller "matt" mates, but provide a subtile stylistic feature not found in conventional mats.

Input ducts can be used in long aisles or passages to supplement other decorative features, incorporating paint, ductwork, railings and more. In addition to a subtile styling, entry runners can also be used to guide the visitor on a particular path. Installations may use runners to provide a pavement over tiles, slabs, marble and hardwoods that will give support to walkers.

It is particularly efficient for installations in climate zones where there is a lot of rain, as visitors may need a long and sturdy walkway to get from one side of a slippery alley to the other securely. Entry mats or runners can have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Entry mats are a useful choice for institutions that want to meet fundamental security and cleaning objectives by providing coverage for relatively small floor areas. Runners, on the other side, are a better choice for installations that need to provide for greater area coverage and/or the security and sanitation of greater numbers of people.

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