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WeatherTech floor coverings and floor mats for absolute interior protection with digital laser measurement for the perfect fit of your vehicle. The largest selection of sports mats and floor coverings in Canada. Individual logo mats are a good way to convey your company logo, a picture or an individual message to your customers. Begin fitting your floor mats today. High quality car & ATV, interior, and floor mats & seat covers at competitive prices.

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There is a wide range of choices for all types of application, encompassing but not restricted to entrance areas of interior and exterior shops, hospital lounges, medical practices, dining, multi-family homes, industrial canteens, storage and production sites. As well as our wide range of commercially available mats, we also stock a variety of speciality home mats, which include floor mats for garages, chairs, floor mats for sport such as ringing, exercise, cheerleading, carate, jewellery, etc.

There are even heating mats that are ideal for smelting snows through our hard winter in Canada. We have mat storage facilities for our Canada clients in Vancouver, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario to ensure fast deliveries throughout Canada. Deliveries are via Canada Post, UPS, DHL and Fedex. If you have a favourite shipping option for your mats, please let us know and we will be pleased to place it for you.

Are you a client wishing to buy your mats from outside Canada? Please get in touch with us and place your order by telephone so that we can make sure your mats have the cheapest rates and quickest possible deliveries to your region. Should you have any queries or concern, please do not hesitate to call 1-800-624-0041.

WheatherTech floor coverings Canada

Are you looking for optimum shelter for the inner carpeting of your vehicles? Canadas can be a chaotic place - we all know that. Whether you drive to the cabin in the midst of summers or pick up the children from class in December, one way or another, there's a whole bunch of dirt outside and above that can get anywhere - especially in your automobile.

It'?s an unhappy reality, but it doesn't mean there's nothing you can do! WeatherTech floor coverings are always there for you. WeatherTech® FloorLiner?DigitalFit® offers the ideal fitting to protect your interiors from all types of damage. These floor coverings are individually matched to the inner area of your car by means of electronic lasing measurement.

In addition, these floor linings have an enhanced surface so that any liquid or deposits can be entrapped in the container and readily evacuated over the threshold. It' s the most sophisticated solution to protect your footwear, clothes and your truck from mud and salts from your cars! Because they are designed to match the exact type of truck you own, you can be sure you have full cover - no voids, no cracks and no persistent impurities to remove from your passenger compartment.

The dirt will remain directly on your floor coverings. The WeatherTech® floor coverings are designed for a long service life. Manufactured from long-lasting, customized TPO (Thermopolyolefin), these floorings provide high coring resistance and conformability for optimum floor performances. The High Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) patented fabric provides floor drag to prevent the floor mats from sliding around.

WeatherTech® floor coverings are haptically smooth and appealing, improving the look of your car while at the same time providing protection from all comforts. An extensive sales centre system in West and East Canada guarantees you quick delivery on your floor coverings and outstanding customer care.

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