Floor Mats for outside

Doormats for outdoor use

Our indoor and outdoor floor mats keep dirt out where it belongs. Ikat Chilewich Doormat White/Silver. Exterior floor mats | Exterior door mats Unparalleled, our premier line of commercially available floor mats has been developed to resist the most severe weathers. The excellent soil retention and humidity absorbing qualities of these mats do not compete with those of other mats, such as slush, slime and ices. These mats are also engineered for ease of service and can be easily swept or vacuumed for cleaning.

Our exterior mats are also engineered with the security of your guests and staff in mind and provide a traction-strong, non-slip finish for your office entrance. One of our commercially available floor mats for exterior use ensures that all deposits from outside stay indoors.

All-Weather Mats

All our mats are very long-lasting, weatherproof, affordable and very simple to use. Our product installations can be carried out as a DIY projects with little effort! Also, because you are more likely to encounter excess humidity outdoors due to bad outdoor driving the use of our special mats is a good way to ensure additional friction and adhesion which can help avoid serious injuries.

With such a wide range of product offerings, we are sure you will find what you need for your indoor floors project - whether it' a home, business or industry! This also applies to business and industry sites where staff and clients enter and leavedoors.

Our floor mats can be laid to give people a non-slip finish to set them up. Much of our produce is made from highly effective rubbers - a property often combined with elevated design that adds greater pull to the product's inherent feel! All our mats are designed for a long life!

Ambient mats are made for outdoor use, where they are subjected to harsh environments such as continuous sunshine, excess humidity, snows and even deposits - that's why we only use high grade materials that can withstand misuse, such as EPDM, a high temperature, ultraviolet, ozone resistance and good resistance to weathering plastic.

Coconut fibre mats are also available, an unbelievably powerful nature fibre that can also be used outdoors. No matter if you need a stand-alone all-weather mats or a larger size outside mats, we have such a wide range of items that we are sure we can help you find the right solution for your needs.

Our mats can be used in a variety of colours and different lifestyles to suit any decor, or they can be used to give almost any room a light, individual look. Any of our outdoors mats can also be used to create the much needed padding for any type of rock, tiles, woodwork, or cement floor!

Our mats are flexible and resilient and are manufactured to reduce the strain of sitting on rigid and unyielding floor coverings. As a cost-effective external floor ing option, our external mats are very simple to lay and care for. Our open-air items require little more than a brush to clean, but you can also use a tube to clean their finish.

Practical and long-lasting, our mats are also aesthetic and result in a great mat for living, business and industry.

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