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Matt floor

Supplement all your work areas with specially developed floor mats to make your floors cleaner, safer and more comfortable for your employees and customers. The service program for commercial floor mats protects your floors and the people walking on them. Search the wishlist - all-weather complete set floor mats. Your customers value a friendly entrance and clean, dry floors. Hidraulik floor mats are made of high-quality vinyl and designed for use throughout the home.

They combine beautiful design with everyday functionality.

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Matting traps debris and fluids as humans penetrate and pass through your premises to not only keep your space tidy, but also reduce your overall cost of upkeep. Every day, our services ensure that the floor covering continues to absorb grime. Then we buy enough blankets so that there is always enough to have one on the floor and one in the wash.

You will be called at regular times, usually once a week, to pick up the dirty floor for washing and to supply the cleaned floor protection in your home. Rugged classical matting with outstanding power and soil absorption characteristics. Available in the colours reds, browns or greys, each with a discreet woven fibre of dark colour.

More than two third of all humidity, pollution and impurities entering your house are transported by footwear. Not only does this make it an endless, time-consuming job, it also speeds up the wearing of floor coverings - resulting in unattractive flooring and time-consuming repair and upkeep. In this way you save yourself the trouble of having to spend large advance sums of cash on the doormats.

If the floor pad is damaged, we will change it free of cost. A typical employee will lose 25% of his production when working on a floor. NBR mesh design provides a non-slip, humidity proof finish. Just give us a copy of your company name and we will send you samples so you can see what the mats will look like before they are made.

Have your staff remind you of important security notices by imprinting them directly in colour on individual doormats. By stopping the pollution and pollution that would have reached your place of operations, we provide a secure place for humans to go when they do.

Floor carpet works 24 hour a day, 7 workingdays a week. Protective floor matting traps this debris and humidity and prevents it from spreading throughout the entire area. Extends the lifespan of flooring and carpeting and delays the cost of replacements. Enhances your corporate identity by using matting with your company emblem or brand.

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