Floor Matte

ground mat

Next generation wood floor protection that preserves the true natural look of parquet while maintaining its excellent traffic-like durability. When you want to change the aesthetics of your floor, you have the choice between a high-gloss, satin, satin or matt floor wax surface. WB VinylGuard Matte Surface Polyurethane Terrazzo & Vinyl Floor Coating eliminates stripping & waxing for VCT & rubber floors such as LVT and vinyl panels. The XL Matte Floor Coating is a very versatile matte floor coating that provides lasting protection without creating a shine. The unique anti-glare and anti-glare floor coating provides excellent protection and is easy to apply.

Mat vs. satin floor coating

Satined or matt flooring - Which kind of degree of gloss is the most classy? For many, the selection of flooring would not be a significant consideration. It is a fact that, according to the kind of illumination and the kind of wood, the condition of the ground can have a great influence on the overall picture. In this sense, while there are 4 different stages of parquet floors that are glossy:

Inside this articel the two trendy finishing techniques of the last time are introduced - matt vs. calendered! What exactly do we mean by matt or satined surface? A typical measure of lustre or degree of lustre is how much reflected from the floor covering at a certain point.

Norms use a 60 degrees tilt as this is the way a human being would look at the floor upright. There are many factors to consider when selecting your gloss grade, but the more shiny you are, the more reflected your floor will be. It is important to realise that different types of timber certainly generate different degrees of gloss.

Sophisticated variations in the degree of gloss can occur due to different types of wood and colours. Selecting the degree of gloss does not affect the tenacity of the wood texture, although it is more the aesthetic one. Take a look at mat and silk finishing now! Simple maintenance and a medium gloss make it one of the most loved finishes in recent years, with a gloss rating of 35-40%.

Surfaces are easily cleaned. It is important that sateen makes scratches, impurities and soiling much less visible. Glazing, which distributes the sunlight evenly over the floor, has the singular capacity to give a new and refreshing look. Most of the d├ęcor designers recommend this gloss level, just as my larger end customers tend to strongly favour the glazed surfaces.

As a rule, a layer of sateen is used with traditionally coloured and even textures. In recent years, the tendency has even been towards reducing glossy surfaces, as they are particularly practical, especially for homes with children and domestic animals. Below are some samples of satined wood floors:

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