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Beautify your living area and find the right carpet for you and your home! Carpets are a handy and classy complement to any room. Carpets bring color, feel and styling to any room and are ideal for combining your current furnishings and decorations with each other while at the same time providing independent expression.

Temple & Webster offers an expansive selection of rugs in a wide selection of designs, forms and dimensions to meet your needs. Let yourself be enchanted by the wide selection of carpets at Temple & Webster. Regardless of whether you are looking for something classical, such as Iranian carpets, or a stylish design carpet, such as Japanese wool, Japanese cotton, Japanese cotton, Japanese cotton, Japanese cotton, and Japanese cotton, that matches your home, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Dependent on what place you have in mind, there can be great differences in the type and sizes of carpet you are looking for. As an alternative, you will also find a wide selection of smaller carpet designs, such as floor matting, in a wide selection of colors, patterns and finishes. Temple & Webster can cover long rooms such as halls and passageways with thousands of carpets that can turn cool, draughty rooms into different rooms or combine them with a hint of color.

There is also a wide selection of outdoors carpets to lighten your terrace and your outdoors entertainment areas in both colder and hotter seasons, and a selection of children's carpets to upgrade your child's bedrooms. You can also buy carpets in rectangles, squares, rounds and even unique shapes for challenging rooms to find the right look and form for your needs.

It is not only the type that counts when it comes to selecting the right carpet, but also the color and feel. Temple & Webster offers a complete range of colors for every room, covering blues, greens, reds, greys, oranges and purples as well as patternsed carpets. Browse our complete range of monochrome carpets, from ground to neon earthy.

When the plain color is not the look you want, look at the selection of geometrical, eastern or stripe carpets. In order to prevent this predicament, Temple & Webster offer a wide selection of carpets in different dimensions to suit every room and area. Small, middle, large, oversize, large and large carpets are available in the following dimensions: 160cm x 230cm, 200cm x 300cm, 120cm x 170cm and 240cm x 330cm.

E.g. an outdoors carpet will be able to withstand abrasion in a terrace area better than an indoors carpet which should not be subjected to the weathers. Woollen carpets are a good way to consider whether your carpet is likely to undergo a great deal of abrasion and attrition.

This type of carpet is especially suitable if you have children or your pet that increases the chance of an accident. It also has a high level of naturally occurring spot fastness, a great function for homes with children. Our wide range of collections will satisfy your needs and aspirations according to your stylistic preference and where the carpet will be used.

In order to make your quest for the carpet you want more comfortable, you can simply look and buy by functions such as carpet styles, colours and materials. Temple & Webster lets you scroll through handcrafted carpets, with or without scales and more. If you know that your new carpet is subject to spillage or contamination from children, your pet or your guest, you can also purchase one of a kind anti-splash and anti-soiling carpet choices.

But if you still can't find the right carpet among the thousand choices at Temple & Webster, check out the "You may also like" section of the website for inspiration. Buy from carpets under $100, free blankets or temporary collection designed by a group of experienced designers.

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