Floorboard Liners


LUND's Catch-It Vinyl floorcoverings offer robust weather protection in all weathers with the style and performance designed for a lifetime. BedTred Jeep Wrangler Floor and Cargo Liner are specially shaped for a perfect fit and provide insulation against road noise. It's not only f. Keep your vehicle safe from spills with all-weather floor mats or upgrade your current car with new carpet floor mats. Protect the interior of your Jeep Wrangler with a high-quality set of floor mats.

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The Classic Style Liner sets the standard for automatic soil conservation. ShapeFit Design Using laser technology, Husky Liners accurately gauges each brand and floorboard for a precise fitting. SteyPut studs help to keep the liner in place and not to move it like other liners. Chemical-resistant gas, oleic and acidic batteries do not endanger the finishing of your liners.

Husky is available in three colours and gives you a range of black, grey and brown to suit most car interior applications. The Husky Classical Style Liners form the shape for automatic soil conservation. With our robust look of diamonds and the FormFit? styling, these liner liners provide classical liner coverage for cars that date back to the 1970'.

Classical Husky liners offer your trucks, cars or trucks a level of cover and safety that other "flat" doormats cannot! Classical styled linings consist of an extruded elastomer blend as elastic as rubber yet chemical proof such as natural gases, oils or even batteries. In fact, your doormats have a lifelong warranty against breakage or tearing.

Using state-of-the-art laserscanning technologies, Husky has created your classical foot mat to conform to the outline of your floors. Using this method will ensure that these matting will exactly suit your vehicle. Husky provides these floorings in either blacks, greys or browns to suit the interiors of most cars, and you can get a classical lining for just about any part of the covering you want to be protected, from the front to the back freight and everything in between.

Husky Liners Classic Floor Liners are simple to install. Every item is supplied with easy-to-understand, vehicle-specific mounting guides. The Husky Liners warrants to the initial buyer of Husky Liners equipment that they will not crack or rupture under ordinary use during the service lifecycle of the automotive in/on which they are used.

Only if the initial buyer is the owner of the car, this guarantee does not cover Husky Liners product that has been taken out of the genuine car in which it was used. The guarantee is valid only for parts properly mounted in/on the car for which they were made.

The Husky LinersĀ® warranties cover any part during the guarantee term that is found to be faulty in materials and/or workmanship due to standard assembly, use, servicing or upkeep. This is the manufacturer's only explicit guarantee and is valid for the term of this guarantee. EACH IMPLIED GUARANTEE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS RESTRICTED TO THE TERM OF THAT GUARANTEE.

IN ADDITION, THE COATING OF HUSKY LINER SPARE PARTS AND THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF VEHICLE COMPONENTS AS WELL AS ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE IS RULED OUT. Damage to the products resulting from fraud, use, negligence, accidents, incorrect assembly, or use in contravention of our stated warranties will be voided from this guarantee. working and working does not fall under this guarantee.

If your Husky is chewing your Husky Liner products, it is of course not warranted. If you close your Husky Liner in the car interior doors, your car will not be protected against damages to the lining and/or doors. Daily, daily traces of use on a particular item are deemed common and are not guaranteed.

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