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SCHAUMBODEN - This floor mat is manufactured with the highest precision and high-quality materials. Hard-wearing, rubber-coated, non-slip mat with a flat nylon pole. As a premium Standing Solutions company, we focus on design, innovation and comfort and offer you the "absolute best" in anti-fatigue mats. Let us realize your flooring designs! Tatami (?

) is a type of mat used as flooring in traditional Japanese style rooms.

full-sized Tatami floor mat 1800mm × 900mm × 60mm

Tradtional Japan floor covering: The Tatami were initially a luxurious article for the aristocracy of Japan. The Tatami mat is a type of reed floor used in traditionally Japanese households. Produced from twisted walnut around a husk of wheat truffle, they are soft but strong under the feet and also give off a beautiful fragrance, especially on wet or wet weather.

The traditional way of laying down a mattress on tatami is to use it to provide extra absorption and breathe. Made in Taiwan with Japan and Taiwanese material, our tatami floor matting is designed in a similar way to the tatami matting that has been produced for centuries in the Eastern world. Furthermore, the Rush Tatami straw used as cover for our Tatami mat is classified as "Best grade #1", which means that there is little or no apparent deviation in the design of the Tatami strap, which is further proof of the Zentai Live Tatami's design excellence.

The design of our mat is such that it can resist years of use. Since 1984 we have been obtaining our latami from the same manufacturer. They are imported directly and we make sure that our matting is not disinfected in the harbour. Made from 100% non-toxic material, our Zentai Live Latami Mat are quite easily the best latami mat available on the Australia shelves.

See how our tatami blankets are made:

Dulling solutions for | Advanced Flooring

Keep your doors dirty with Advanced entrance pads, your floors will be more secure, clean and easy to clean. EntranceZone Blankets are available in a range of off-the-shelf lengths and some models can be customized to meet your needs. WorZONE Anti-Fatigue Meshes are one of the most efficient and easy ways to help employees stand up and become less fatigued.

With CoverZone, you can make your floor look like new. Whether you have carpets or rigid flooring, your flooring needs to be protected. Make a great first impact by presenting your own unique brands or customising your messages with these powerful water-absorbing anti-slip matting.

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