Form Fitting car Mats

Positive car mats

In the ideal case, you want the mat to have higher edges or burrs that form the circumference of the mat. The patented design of Formschluss Edge gives your flooring a finished look. The wall, which is provided with a security container, provides a positive fit. So why don't you protect this carpet with form-fit mats that don't move while you're driving? Husky Liners Floor Liners are a stylish design and raised embossing to keep spills on the floor mat and your feet out of the dust.

This is how you help WeatherTech floor mats take on their desired form

Hi, I've stumbled on YouTube to your videobriefing about WeatherTech doormats for a Chevy Silverado in 2002 and 2006. When I bought a kit of foot mats for my 2004 Chevy Silverado lengthened cabin car transmission from WeatherTech Direct, the front mats didn't work. Width of the front mats seems to be about 1 inch too small.

I' m approaching you because you seem to have a great deal of previous knowledge of these mats, and I wonder if you have encountered this or not. I' ve been in touch with Weathertech and they're no help at all. Leaving the mats faulty, they say they should pass. 01869 is the number of the pattern stamped on the back of the blanket.

Could you give us a glimpse of these mats? When you can help me find the right mats, I'll ask WeatherTech to give me a pick-up day and I'll buy them from you boys..... I' m sorry to know about your problem with the way your doormat fits. The one thing I can provide is that WeatherTech mats are often biased upon delivery because they are collapsed to slip into a box.

What may seem completely wrong is to turn the mats over (if their form allows it) and place them in a hot place, perhaps on the ground near a brightly lit room in your house, so that they can completely "relax" for a few short moments and take on their designated form before shipping.

I wouldn't consider this a possible option if your mats were too long, but since they are too long, they may only need a little heat/time to return to their proper form after their UPS truck outing.

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