Front door Doormat

Doormat front door

Enhance your entry style with this doormat that doesn't take itself too seriously. Give your veranda or entrance a personal touch with this monogrammed doormat. An eye-catching door mat, based on the new slang phrase "close the front door", which is often used instead of "hold the door"! "Close the front door" doormat. Have this efficient little doormat remind everyone to close the door behind them while you put your feet up and give your vocal chords a break.


The vendor takes full responsability for this offer. The vendor takes full responsability for this offer. Fill in a correct postal code. Type a number less than or equal to 0 and choose a qualifying state. Postal code: Fill in a correct postal code. Type five or nine digits for the zip code. Australian law provides that a consumer has a statutory right to a company reimbursement if the goods bought are defective, unsuitable for a particular use or do not correspond to the seller's specification.

Close the doormat on the front door.

Choose the item you wish to buy. Enhance your entry level with this mat that doesn't take itself too seriously. The punctually interwoven text "shut the front door" in the plain text ensures a compliment! Any item in our warehouse that can be shipped by UPS or FEDEX within 3-7 workingdays and should reach us within 3-5 workingdays from the date of shipment.

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Articles that have a penalty for extra large or gloves can be given back, but the purchaser is liable to organise and settle the costs of the repatriation. When your product is bought during a promotional shipment, a 10% returns tax will be subtracted from the initial retail value of your product. In order to receive a full reimbursement of the costs of the goods, you can send back your articles (see above exceptions) within 14 workingdays of receiving the order.

If you have a question about the product, please contact us via our technical assistance links or the technical assistance area. Close the front door!

Door mat, 18 x 30 inches Large Non

Make sure to use it immediately after receipt, safe and long-lasting. MEETERIAL AND LONG-TERM meeterial and long-term design: this semicircular door mats has an appealing look that would adorn your confectionery stores. Made of natural and absorbent polymers instead of recycled material. Its design makes it long-lasting and robust.

Absorbent moisture and soiling, easily cleanable: Polymypropylene fabrics help capture soiling in its textured creases. Mushy feetprints are magic to leave behind. The mats are easily cleaned. Problem-free, simple maintenance. Hardwearing, this hardwearing pad has a tough non-slip backing that adheres to any external surface without leave mark and heavy sewn seams for an sleek look and longer life.

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