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You will find the best prices for entrance mats under Shop Better Homes & Gardens. LeftFieldsHome Take a look at our wide selection of entrance mats for your home. Entry Mats | Initial Hygiene Australia Cushion mats are specifically engineered to absorb dust and humidity in your foyer and other high frequency areas. It provides a high-efficiency obstacle that prevents debris from running or rolling through your area. Contaminated mats are replaced on a regular basis with new ones so that they always stay efficient, look good and protect your floor.


Your first line of defense against dust and humidity is the mat. The mats are developed to free footwear from severe deposits that would otherwise find their way into your interior. Safeguard the durability of your flooring by eliminating pedestrian pollution before it even reaches the door.

Entry mats of good qualitiy are important to guarantee healthier and clean flooring and to lower the cost of servicing. Exterior and interior mats can be made to measure carpeting that provides a secure foothold in wintry conditions, can be trimmed around round door panels to give an individual seat, or can be embedded into the brick or tiles to allow rolling over.

Choosing the kind of mat that best suits your home is dependent on the overall picture, the amount of space available, the shelf life, the cost and the efficiency. With the best selection of high value entry mats available for companies across Australia. Choice between handy and durable inner mats, durable outer mats made of hard wearing synthetic rubbers and light printing mats.

For most customers, the most challenging thing is to have the patience to find the best matting option. We are here to help you make an informed decision and find a durable matting approach. The first impression in the corporate environment is everything, so that individual entry mats with your company logos or your brands messages on all door panels can help to achieve the desired effect - even before your customer even enters the door.

One good way to attract your clients to your company is to use an individual logomat. Already your company identity is evoked by your company logotype, so it makes good sense to use it as a means of creating the ideal first image. Finally, those who see your company logos elsewhere are first imported into your company via this company name, so why not integrate them into your entrance via an individual mats?

There is a variety of logos entry mats to match your shop, your household and your entry area. Ranging from inexpensive features such as the imprinted soft toy logomat to the handcrafted, handcrafted Schmutzstopper logomat, manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Take a look at our best selection of imprinted logomats for your company.

Matting wipes your legs, prevents soiling, cuts down on surface abrasion and enhances room ventilation efficiency - but only if it is efficient! Coir is used in antiquity to make rope and is a 100% virgin fiber obtained from the shell of the coir and used in various construction industry materials - as well as mats!

These mats are environment minded and can be customized to suit your needs to perfectly blend into your sunken foyer. These mats give each door a rustic look and can be slit from a 2 meter reel into any dimension and form. Incorporated, this entry mats can be trimmed to any desired form and sizing.

When you own or maintain a property that requires a durable and high value entry mats, the Axel entry mats may be a looker. Our most beloved entry mats are the Waterhog. Perfect for deepened areas or drop mats. It is very well suitable for any kind of bad weather and for areas with high publicity.

We have the best selection of high class entrance mats in The Mats Store, we look forward to help you find the right mats for your company.

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