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Buy an extensive range of designer front and interior door mats from Interiors Online. For indoor and outdoor use, cold water rinsing for cleaning. As a result, the placement of jute door mats in front of the front door or in bathrooms shortens the service life much more quickly. Find the right floor mats for your DIY project. Inspired by the handicraft of our feathered friends, this unmistakable rustic and earthy design gives the house a touch of nature.

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  • Allows use under the desk and in bedrooms, kitchens, beds, automobile seats, cushions and so on. Antislip, mashine washable. The YAZI Cat anti-slip door mat lounge carpet carpet flannel carpet 45x135cm. Use of hallway, lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, children's playrooms, etc. KITCHENBAR tools. Cleaning: handwash or automatic washer, put in the clothes basket before use.

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Justin said, "Verified. At last there! I am pleased to say that now that it has come, for the amount I have already spent, I am quite satisfied with the look and feel and the service. The dogs are plus thankful for coating up the smooth planks above it. Uh, Colleen Woodhouse said verified:

Donna Richards said verified: Satisfied with this great running blanket.

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Floor Mats are made from absorptive material, often with a coarse finish to eliminate dust and humidity from your footwear. Historically, these door matting units have had a slender square form that blends perfectly into or outside your front door to trap debris before mud-like marks have a chance of spreading throughout the door.

Manufactured from a variety of different fabrics, these items often have a non-slip backing to keep them in place.


We also use matting to help prevent slipping and tripping, prevent floor abrasion and help lower the cost of floor clean-up and servicing. MatTek manufactures our mattresses from material purchased from the world's leading manufacturers. Select our product range to enjoy unparalleled value for money and unparalleled product performance. Entry carpets can be the distinction between a good and a bad first image of your company, as they can provide a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere for anyone crossing the doors of your space.

Our matting is extremely absorptive and has been developed to eliminate deep-seated debris that adheres to the footwear of your clients and employees. Though our full line of entry matting is absorptive, some of our clients demand higher absorption. These industrially suitable and extremely absorptive matting has been developed for sites such as entrances to commercial centers and colleges as well as for areas around beverage wells.

For many companies throughout Australia, we are proud to offer the highest value entry mat solution. Our input material and fibre originate from the best supplier in the whole wide range, so that we can establish a unique benchmark of excellence. In spite of the high levels of our products, we try to keep our price as low as possible.

You can make your living a little bit simpler with our entry mats: Our entry floor matting is available in a wide variety of different dimensions, looks and style, to fit all types ofdoors. We also have indoor and outdoor matting, and we have optional equipment that is specifically adapted to the different tread conditions.

For indoor use. MatTek's high performance entry matting is specially developed to stop at the door and ensure a cleaner, safer entry. Our assortment comprises matting for indoor and outdoor use as well as for different types of transport from low to high. Absorba, our most absorptive mat, is best suited for high frequency areas where maximal moisture retention is needed to avoid slippage and crash.

There are also medium-weight, multi-purpose matting that helps avoid stumbling traps.

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