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The Deborah has portrayed marreh-boh, woven pandanus mats, which she often does as part of her artistic practice at Maningrida Arts & Culture. Original Toyota Landcruiser 200 floor mat rubber front VX Sahara PZQ2060400400 This is the cheapest price for new, never used, never opened, not damaged article in the packing (if any). Packing should be the same as in a retailer's shop, unless it is a hand-made article or has been packed by the producer in non-retail packing such as an empty crate or plastics sack.

SUITABLE FOR LANDCRUISER 200 SERIES VX & SAHARA FROM DEC 2012 - CURRENT. Original Toyota all-weather rubber mats are tailor-made for LandCruiser.

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Our equipment and skills enable us to produce your desired sizes or even special designs. Subsidiaries throughout Australia mean we are able to deliver the widest product line and the fastest throughput. MattTek divides our meshes into the following main categories: This mat is developed to ensure good grip and avoid slipping and falling.

Stool mat. They are the most resistant and long lived seat matting with a 5 year guarantee and are made of PVC, which is twice extrusion coated. They can be individually tailored to length and width or individually made to fill a gap or an area. Used for internal or concealed use as a last defense, these meshes keep your grounds cleaner and safer and lower your cost of cleanliness and maintainability by defending against flooring.

This mat is available for a wide range of floors. The outdoor entry was the first line of defense at your door. They are made of material that can withstand the outer element and are made with a one-of-a-kind styling to make sure they work.

Flooring is a good way to give temporary protection to a floor during renovation, installation or building work, or to create an appealing and lifelike environment with synthetic turf. Logomats offer you the possibility to present your company name, your company image or even your company image on an efficient and durable mat. No matter whether you are looking for an interior or exterior signage system for low, middle or high visitor numbers, we can adapt your signage system quickly and individually.

Glues to fix your mat in a notch, connecting tape to join mat, non-striped edge or edge to cleanly and securely complete mat edge, wire protection against tripping and falling, and non-slip tape to secure grip on skidy surface. Safety modular matting can be simply joined together to create your required design or area.

Special safety blankets for mounting areas where delicate devices are manufactured or to avoid worker exposure to shock, non-conductive blankets for employees working on high-conductivity panels or power lines, and fire and weld blankets for challenging areas subject to arcing and flame. MattTek is proud to provide the widest selection of blankets in Australia.

Width, length and form of our matting can be made to measure and we can print them in-house. In addition to delivery throughout Australia, MatTek also has an assembly team in all parts of the nation to guarantee smooth delivery at all times.

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