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However, how do you create logos that put your brand on the right track? However, this may not be enough to make it easier for you to get started. Below are some additional tactics and considerations that will help you to create a suitable company logo:. Type your company name in the logo manufacturer and select your industry from the list below. We are not in the business of nickel and dime, we are here to make sure you get the logo of your dreams and not less.

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Use our free Logo-API to quickly search for company names that only use your name. Never embed a logo in an asset file again. Access the application programming interface (API) directly from your HTML picture tags to withdraw all the logo you will ever need. Free of charge, with links. Make sure your logo is always up-to-date and accurate by including our new Open Graph logo tags in your sources.

The use of our Logo API with Attribute is free. Attribute must be readable and use at least one 12-point typeface. To make it easily accessible to everyone, simply attach the logo meti tags to your HTML. Any logo you select will take priority in our answer and will let everyone know which logo you want in the game.

It is possible to specify more than one logo of different size by attaching more than one tag to your sources.

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Which type of logo do you get for $5?

Notice: This is a shortened version/follow-up of the $5 logo. And if you like this item, take a look at the originals to get the full history, plus designs for each logo and a very impassioned comments thread. What's more, you'll get a full history of the game. Over the past few years, the need for good designs has grown enormously, and designers' pay in the Bay Area now regularly exceeds six figures.

Instead, I want you to join me on an adventurous quest to explore the jungles of super-cheap, single-digit designs to find the answers to a basic question: What happens if you just give someone $5 to create your logo? Anyway, continue reading for an epic story of lying, deceit, stolen work and bad logo.

First a little background: My own start-up Folyo will help you link start-ups to a handpicked collection of free-lance artists. Placing a post on Folyo is $100, and the designer's own fees can often be several thousand bucks based on the level of completion. So, you can picture my astonishment when I heard about a website that offers 5 dollar designing work.

This site is Fiverr, and they have based their entire shop on the promises of lower prices: But Fiverr seemed to be a real menace to conventional design and websites like Folyo: why should you finally give 1000 dollars to a logo artist if you could get 200 logo's for the same amount? But it also seemed too good to be true: How on Earth could you earn a livelihood by making a logo for $5?

I' d invent a counterfeit company, set up three logo artists on Fiverr and see what results I would get. Remark: just to get it out of the way: Yes, there is a clash of interest here because Folyo and Fiverr are both in the shop to help find designers.

It was my first job to find a seemingly reasonable looking forgery. My choice was for " SkypeStats ", a software for analysing tourist pages. Don't ask me what "analytics for itineraries" really means. Most importantly, the name was atmospheric enough: layers, sky, graphics... For $5, I didn't want my designer to think too much about finding a good catchphrase.

And now for the funny part: find the three happy designer who would get the jobs and get a royal $5 a piece. Having noticed this patterns on some profile, the statement became clear: these artists took the work of other artists and passed it on as their own. That little swingcheroo is a big no in the designer communities, and it's obviously quite deceptive even for potential customers.

However, it seemed to be a standard Fiverr practise (I sent them an email and never got). Eventually I found three designer who didn't steal other people's work (as far as I could tell) and sent them the following message: We are SkyStats, a two-man start-up located in Boston and Tokyo.

We create an analysis Dashboard for trip pages (such as Expedia or Kayak) that helps them keep up to date with visitor, sale and booking activity. A new logo is needed for our next website. Now, I should say that although the Fiverr web site provides $5 of web site content for your logo designs, you have to spend more for additional web site content, such as getting the logo sources (which is quite) a request if you hope to do something useful with it.

The next two days I got the logo of the second designer: As expected, the logo ranges from poor to unexpectedly good, but I was particularly struck by the entries from the third one. He not only designed two logo's, both quite appealing, but also sent high value version's, although I hadn't bought this one.

On the other hand, the other two send only low grade pictures on a structured backdrop, which made it difficult to re-use the logo. Like already said, I first published the results of my little experiments in the Folyo-Magazine. Have a look at the full article to see each logo's review, see my own view of the SkyStats logo and voted for your favourite logo.

History could have ended here - and I was quite amazed by my $5 logo - if there hadn't been the always alert power for good (well, sometimes) known as web commentators. Amid fierce debate about the applicability of $5 per month designs and a little naming, some folks pointed to something that - now that I look back - should have been obvious: my dear band of clouds logo was a trick.

There was no accident that my favourite logo was much more stylish than the $5 dollar cost on a daily basis. In addition, a fast backward look through the commentator AimeeD found an example after an example for a company that already uses the same precise logo. At least the second logo was a refreshing, inventive one, right?

Like the roasted bat-chicken, this whole Fiverr adventure has probably caused a poor flavour in my throat. However, those who try to fool you by seeing other people's work as their own, and Stick kind as an origin work, is a very different game. However, I believe that as long as Fiverr keeps making good bucks with unfair commercial practice, it's only reasonable to point this out to them, just so they know what they're really getting before they part with their hard-earned $5.

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