Good Logo Design

Attractive logo design

That's why it's so important to have a good logo. Logo is a graphic representation of a company. Professionally designed logos are an intelligent idea for companies of all sizes. What makes a great, unforgettable logo design? Which you should pay attention to when designing a good logo.

Sixteen tips on logo design from branding professionals

Logo-design can be daunting. In order to help you through the entire lifecycle - and build an outstanding corporate brand for your company - we've asked 16 brands professionals for the best logo design advice. "Once the creator behind the famous Twitter birds lion said to me that his basic principle for logo design was:'Just do a jig.

Eliminate complicated design. "So if I just had to pick a logo design tip, I'd recommend a design that's not too complicated. Sometimes customers have selected a logo with many details, so if I had to resize it for small works of art, such as screen banners, or for fabrics, such as Poloshirts, the logo would lose its effect and end up looking muted.

Distinguish yourself with colour. Colour is one of the most recognizable elements of a corporate image, so if no competitor uses a particular colour that is pertinent to your company image, it is a colour that you, as a company, can own that allows you to immediately differentiate yourself from the masses with little outlay.

"The logo should be able to reflect the value of your business, your products or your services. They are the mark, they are the authentic origin, and the task of the logo is to be a receptacle for providing these quality to your audience. - David Langton, President, Langton Creative Group, Ltd.

Restrict the development of creativity. "Stand up to the challenge of redesigning your logo. As many young designer want to give their logo design concepts like Gredient, Bevel, Glow, Schadow a final polish. "It would be to prevent the use of shared fonts if I had to give a sole important hint when creating a logo.

Long lasting design. Many details, research and efforts go into logo design, and every one of your rivals (at least those with incumbent brands) have already gone through the entire procedure. Companies will invest ten thousand dollar in a design and still end up with a logo that doesn't really present themselves or their business.

"As you go through the logo design stage, the most important thing is research - the discovery of the brand's characteristics, beliefs, positioning as well as the sound the brand wants to communicate. This is the goal of a concentrated image that connects the mark with the public. "Most importantly, when creating a logo, keep in mind that digitally doesn't get printed - just because a logo looks great on your website doesn't mean it looks good on your visiting card, headstock, wearables und advertising items.

Make sure that your logo works in a small frame. "Today, logotypes must be both socially acceptable and web-friendly - the times of complicated logotypes with a lot of text are over. They need a logo that can be reduced to a single icon. Create in a single bitmap file in a single bitmap format. Begin your design in monochrome and verify the scales throughout the entire design as they may appear on anything from your calling cards to your poster wall.

Follow your trademark promises. "The implementation of position in a design is not an uncomplicated job. This is my final logo design Litmus test: Is the design fulfilling the promises of the trademark? It translates the pledge into a way that is meaningful to the client? Is the logo making the pledge believable? "If you are in the middle of a logo creation phase, it is possible that you may miss some important detail.

As soon as you have your logo design idea, always take the trouble to verify if there are any words, meaning or even culture miscommunications. because you don't want to end up in someone's logo mistake book. "When your organization begins to expand, your trademark becomes one of the most precious assets of your organization.

From the beginning, you need to build a storyline that you can resize and that your first customers will still recall what it stands for and communicates. p.s. Looking for more advice on logo design? Have a look at some of our favourite logo colour schemes!

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