Good Quality Carpet Tiles

High quality carpet tiles

There is a basic guide that describes the basic points to consider when selecting your tiles. The choice of carpet tiles | The choice of the best carpet tiles Teppichfliesen are all produced in many different grades and surfaces, and therefore it is extremely important to have all this information when selecting the right one. There is a set of guidelines that describe the basics to be considered when selecting your tiles. TuftedTufted rugs can be made of polypropylene or polypropylene thread in bow ed or chopped fabric.

The nylon thread (pile of 500 - 1200 gram per m2) is the most appropriate for this kind of work. As a rule, sling sheets made of propylene are not suited for heavily used areas, but are less expensive to produce and can be used in medium to general areas or in the home. Carpet quality will depend on the kind of thread, texture and pole weights.

Carpet tiles do not have a thick layer that reflects the quality or life of the tiles, but are usually only indicated to allow spacing for doorways, etc. The carpet tiles are usually made of a single piece of carpet. NadelfeltNeedle felt rugs are the most cost-effective manufacturing process and are mainly made of Polypropylenarn. The stack weights can be between 400 g/m2 and 1500 g/m2.

It is the best texture when using propylene yarns and can result in a ribbed or pile surface. Select the carpet tiles that best match your region from this guideline. In general, carpet tiles of category 23 for living areas are not intended for use with wheelchairs. Teppichfliesen for use in an offi ce should have a wheelchair evaluation, basing on the following points; Do not be fooled by the back side of the carpet or the word "industrial use".

A carpet tiles for industial use requires a minimal of class 41. Our carpet tiles are produced in a wide range of different colours, patterns and shades. It is also possible to produce carpet tiles according to your own style and colour. More than 100,000 carpet tiles are always in our warehouse. When you have a specific type of product you want to talk about, we have over 30 years of carpet tiles production expertise and will be happy to help you.

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