Grey Carpet Squares

Gray Carpets Squares

The family room in the basement has blue walls and blue and grey carpet tiles. Wonderful, durable floors made of carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, stone and lawn. Carpet.

Natural fibre Tretford carpet tiles

cretford® carpet tiles' grooved texture provides exceptional clear, sleek contours that are essential to the ultimate feel of your room or larger area. TREFORD® carpet tile uses of course regenerative Cape Mountain style kid skin from Kashmir and is conceived to be quarter-twisted to produce a uniformly textured look. Dretford® carpet tile uses durable, virgin Kashmir kidhair and have achieved the Global Green Tag - GreenRate Level A - Silver PLUSfor Green Star project.

Tretford Tile's default size is 50 x 50 cm. The Tretford Tile is conceived in such a way that it can be quarter-turned. The following the window_button") ; $(".print_button").click(function(){ PrintElem("tab-Spezifikationen") ; }) ; }) ; Funktion PrintElem(elem) { var meinwindow = fenê", "PRINT", | hauteur= 400,large= 600') ; mywindow.document.write(' '' '') ; mywindow.document.write(") | ; mywindow.document.document.write(') |function

DIY store of high qualitiy for DIYers & Renovators

100% Australian on-line dealer for construction material. One of our mottoes is "Source Global, Supply Locally", i.e. we purchase construction material from producers all over the world (and around the corner) and deliver it to your home. They can be sure that we know our things: All we do are construction material.

When you need us, you can be sure that we are there for you, because we are a premier on-line dealer in construction products, not a courtyard business. What sets us apart from other on-line merchants is that you can make it simple for us to send you an e-mail, make a fast enquiry or even call directly 24h7.

First, if it is not a good that we will have in our own house, then we will not sell it. Our company is proud to deliver only high grade construction material. It is not our aim to deliver the lowest priced item, but the best value for our clients. Although pricing isn't everything, we understand that we just can't afford to be prohibitive to our clients - that's why we keep our margin low, our overheads low and our spending on your project where it counts.

All our products are sourced from well known and trusted suppliers with years of experience. Our aim is to always have our fingers on the pulse of the times in order to supply you with the latest construction material.

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