Grey Carpet Tiles

Gray carpet tiles

Locate gray carpet tile ads. Epic carpet tiles offer a range of colours suitable for commercial flooring. Explore our collection of black and grey carpet tiles available at special prices. Teppichfliese suitable for the commercial and object area: The Times Square is an object carpet in tufted loop pile construction from the premium collection in tile design.

Living area Extra heavy duty (6)

Epic carpet tiles offer a choice of colors to suit your business floor. Ranging from health care, educational and catering to retailing and offices, our carpet tiles offer a floor covering for every type of business venture. For something quite different from the traditional squares, all our carpet tiles are available in boards and thin boards.

Comes in a variety of colors and style. Accessible, robust and long-lasting rugs have additional spot durability and are therefore appropriate for high frequency areas, lounge areas, stairs and corridors. Comes in a variety of colors, because of its durability, polyamide is perfect for households with kids and pet owners. Comfortable 6 stars housing Additional weight, for all areas with particularly strong transport.

The carpet has been classified as appropriate for use on staircases. Fulfils the Carpet Institute of Australia standards, incorporating power, usability, raw material, manufacture, product responsibility, energy consumption control, GHG emission and VOC control, and fulfils the Green Building Council of Australia's assessment framework. Try to buy the highest value carpet you can buy so you can continue to appreciate it for years to come.



Print services enable a specifier to print a very high-resolution picture of the required finish as acoustical large size media. Akustikmanagement means to absorb undesired noise from all kinds of floors, walls and ceilings. This is what we call the FWC Audible Philosophy. Soil is the point of departure.

Carpet tiles grey and brown

Designed for the classical grayscale carpet tiles combination that will stand the test of good old movie notir. As Audrey Hepburn and James Stewart have shown us, some things just look better in blacks and greys, so turn down the satiety and enjoy your eye on this mix and match pocket.

No matter whether you are looking for the star with a deep black wood or want to remain earthed with a more subtile grey shingle, we have the right shade for you. Colors from this end of the range result in a time-less design that will look great in any home environment. Each table is available in different dimensions.

Please click on a specific item to see the available resize choices. Each desk and workstation is available in different colors and heights. To view the available choices, click a specific item. To view the available choices, click a specific item. No matter whether you are looking for the solution to all your living room interiors issues or the ideal tiles to solve your business carpet puzzles, the Nouveau Eclipse series has something for every setting.

Designed to be chic and elegant, this Charcoal style is long-lasting, demanding and 100% recycled.

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