Grey Coir Matting

Gray coconut mat

Search online for our range of coloured coconut mats. Coconut mats are traditional natural floor mats made of coconut fibres. Product - Entrance mat. grey. Colour: Black, Green, Blue, Mahroon, Grey.

Gray coconut mats cushion the floor, with a rectangular textured panel of brown fibres on one side offering variation possibilities.

PVC-laminated coconut fibre - Matte Tek

The PVC laminated coir fiber is an excellent entry mat for busy areas, either inside or outside. Perfect for installation, this can also be trimmed with a high load edge for loosely installed use. Made from 100% virgin coir fiber combined with a PVC backing, this environmentally safe material can resist pedestrian loads.

Rough hair brushes ensure outstanding shaving of the shoes and at the same time are highly absorptive of damp. Coconut PVC is available in the colours nature as well as grey and grey (both colours are solid and do not fade). It is available in three thickness (17mm, 24mm & 30mm) and in 1000mm and 2000mm rolls, PVC Backed Coir can be cut to size.


Superior rapid response time. Satisfied with the products performance. Beautiful mat, came quickly and nicely. Real lucky. Rapid supply very satisfied. Rapid supply very satisfied. Superior workmanship, just what I wanted! Exactly what we ordered and very good workmanship. Exceptional workmanship. Somewhat cumbersome to tailor, as it was a small area just under one metre squared, but not squared.

Very good however, as promoted. Even though it' pretty pricey, I am really amazed by the look and feel. but it looks good and it's cheap. Excellent mat qualities & exactly as described. It looks like a good-looking mat.

Entrance mat made of grey coconut fibre 17mm thick cut to size

Our grey coconut mats are sold in multiple lengths of 25 cm, so order the closest sizes you need from the drop-down list. Coconut mats are easy to tailor and mount with a stand-ley blade. The Coir Matting is an excellent matting material as it is absorbent, long-lasting and rough, making it perfect for removing dust and damp ness from slimy footwear.

We supply our coir mat with a long lasting, adaptable back which makes it easier to slice and lay with a cutting blade. Made to measure, our grey coir matting is of the highest calibre as we purchase it from a high grade, family-owned mill in Kerala, India. Besides the qualitiy, our grey coir mat is the cheapest one, since you buy it directly from us (the wholesaler), we are so sure that our coir mat is the cheapest one that we ensure to hit any prize as for as for.

Hi, I just got my grey coconut mat, thanks for the great support, it's exactly what we were looking for and getting it the next morning was a great extra!

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