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To protect surfaces from damage from heavy fitness equipment, order a gym floor covering. Turn your training area into your own with a gymnastic mat developed for you. Today there is a range of new closed cell foams that produce excellent training and exercise mats. View All - GQ Gym Mats - View All - Puzzle Mats - View All - Lifting Platforms - View All - Rubber Floor - View All - Yoga Mats - View All. At DICK'S Sports Goods you will find the best selection of training mats, including yoga mats, equipment mats & more from top brands such as Gaiam and Fitness Gear.

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Excellent for mounting under devices or using rods and brackets. These mats that make the difference! The Australian Made Gym mats have been approved to the Australian Standards (AU/NZS4422:1996) and are designed for a drop of 1.4m. Unicoloured mats are ideally suited for personal use, while mats with hook-and-loop fasteners at the ends and sides are used to connect the mats together and provide coverage for large areas of flooring.

Easy to store and transport, the universal matt is ideally suited for multi-purpose rooms. You can use adhesive tapes (sold separately) to join together your current mats to enlarge the area of coverage. The HART Universal Mats are the best complement to any multipurpose building, college or gym, this mats is the right sized to carry out a series of tasks without having to unroll an whole drum track.

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The mats are perfect for gymnastic lessons, PT session or gymnastic lessons. Provides a smooth land area for all jump activity or damping during ground work. The vinyl cover makes simple cleansing possible. Klappmatten are ideally for those, which stand closely on the stowage or for the simple transport.

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Hollywood stars have been swearing by the psychologic and physiological advantages of doing yoga for years, from Madonna to Jennifer Aniston. When you are looking for an alternate way to get in shape and free yourself from the pressures of everyday living, taking in more than one way of doing your job of doing your job of doing your job of doing your job of doing your job of doing your job of doing your job of work.

What makes you think you can practise? On the one hand, it gives you full-body (and mental!) training, which enhances your movement variety, enhances blood flow and soothes your spirit. One of the most evident benefits of doing a yoga class is that it enhances your agility and your equilibrium. It is suitable for all age groups and levels of physical activity.

The best thing about doing a good job of fitness is that it's one of the cheapest ways to keep yourself in shape - all you need is a smooth yet durable exercise mat and you' re ready to go! Yogic or gym mats are available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit your personal preference, and because they are so light, they can be moved effortlessly between the gym and your vehicle.

Buy a wide selection of training mats and non-slip hand wipes for your pilates or yoga on eBay today.

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