Heavy Duty car Floor Mats

Floor mats for heavy trucks

And the best way to protect your floor mats and your vehicle carpet is to get a good set of rubber car mats. Use our durable floor coverings to protect the floor of your car. Grand Cherokee Jeep mat - hard-wearing for lovers of clean loads. Heavy duty MotoMaster carpet mats. Workshop for floor mats and carpets in car interiors.

Doormats - Interior Car Accessory

Important: General-purpose vehicles are not individually tailored to your car. All cars need floor mats. Doormats can enhance the look and feel of your home, but above all they help keep your floor from abrasion and unnecessary soiling. Select from our range of universally applicable floor mats or come and see our tailor-made floor mats for an individual fit.

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Heavy duty rubber-Nordhridge cartridge mats

There are a wide range of car mats available in a wide range of different designs, with each car floor mats tailored to a specific year, make and style. We have tailor-made car carpets for over 5000 cars on offer. We offer our car carpets in vinyls, durable rubbers and 4 carpets.

Each of these customized car mats comes with a lock system that keeps the mats in place in vehicles that already have a spout or hooks in the floor. Heavy -duty Northridge Cartridge Mats are heavy -duty, moulded elastomer ic designs that absorb more debris and humidity than conventional automatic machine matting or linings.

Lamps reach for the floor and keep these mats in place. For cleaning, just remove by shaking or spraying. Luxury carpet mats are without a doubt the densest, plushest, most comfy and carpet-lined car mats available today. This car mats have a lifelong guarantee.


No matter if you are looking for a way to personalise your car decoration or want to keep your floor ing clean from dust, sludge or accidental spillage, BDK's full range of car floor mats offers you the kit you were looking for.... Odourless, durable all-weather mats, plush carpets in your favourite Warner Brothers character and everything in between - we've got your carpeting cover!

Select your colour, your style and your materials from the widest range of floor mats on the shelves. Do you want to go on a hunt and get weary of the dirt and dirt that gets trapped in your front and back rug mats as well as in the back hold?

Whatever your hobby, your site or your own individual styling, BDK has the floor mats you're looking for!

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