Heavy Duty Floor Runners

Floor rails heavy duty

The Resilia Premium heavy duty floor rails are the perfect solution to extend the life of your floor. Serious corrugated runners overall performance rating: The E-Mat has the best ground runners. Use our protective mats and skids to protect your floors and carpets. At times when your gym floor is turning into a busy area, you should roll out your runway mat to provide a protective layer.

Skid, clear, plastic vinyl, prismatic pattern, 27 inch x 25 foot

The Resila Brands offer a large selection of vinyls. The Low Pile is a GUTer Economics degree for use at partys, open pit mining or for removal companies. Protects most rugs from heavy use. Deep Pile products are of better quality. He has the same design as the Low Pile, but is more thick and tough.

It lies lower than the Low Pile and is intended for longer use. This has the fattest gauge and has an appealing design for use in the home and office where you want routine rug cover with a vinyl rug. The Resila brand is manufactured entirely in the United States at our family-owned and operated plant outside of Chicago, IL.

All our California Proposition 65 compliant product does not require a hazard identification mark. Most of the company's product range also contains a high proportion of recyclable materials. At Resila Brands, we strive to be the responsible, dependable and cutting-edge provider of plastics for your home and work.

RentStylesOnline Tough Collection Custom Size Roll Runner Grey 27 in or 36 in wide x your length Choose Non-slip rubber back area Carpets and skids (grey, 27 in x 5 ft)

With a long corridor containing both our front entrance as well as the entrance to our parking lot, we needed something 13 feet long to withstand the elements, children and pets walking in and out of the corridor. In addition, this long corridor is used as a pick-up area for our younger puppy and as a "catwalk" for our older puppy who has osteoarthritis and does not want to run on the parquet floor.

It'?s pretty heavy and rubberized, so it?s been put through a good deal. My computer monitor shows the picture in a brighter colour than it is. Gray was quite a coal gray, but is not a shallow paint, so it doesn't immediately look soiled.

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