Heavy Duty Mats for Indoors

Indoor heavy duty mats

Eloxated aluminium profiled rail mat with rubber coating (for smooth running) and robust, absorbent, polypropylene-coloured fibre inserts. The Doortex Rib Mat is an effective solution for indoor or outdoor use. Synthetic and natural fibres for excellent removal of moisture and dirt. The Guardian EcoGuard interior wiper floor mat, recycled plastic and rubber. For many years, these industrial mats have withstood heavy traffic indoors and outdoors.

Highly resilient, non-slip rear side

Excellent workmanship, quite robust and long lasting. Thanks to its elastic basis, it remains quite well on the ground. Antislip on firm ground, moving on rug (on my terrace). Appears to be a good grade at a good pric. Easily wash with great value and great craftsmanship..... In August 2017, the additionally bought blanket was of a slightly different type (lower weight) and the lead times were twice as long.

This has a blanket of elastic that prevents it from "going over the floor". Ideal for protecting the indoor area. Absorbs dusts and debris from footwear, as well as moisture and silt. Easy to vacuum, even with a motorized strip of brushes (will not be devoured).

Can' t give 5 star, because it does not grasp perfect and move on the ceramics-base. According to the advertisement the matt is suitable for interior and exterior use. Ever since, the Matt just doesn't work outside anymore. Too much moisture is absorbed and remains moist for whole day. If a Matt should help keep your boots tidy before you go in the door, it makes it even more so.

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Offering a wide array of useful functions, our in-house product line is engineered for large entrances indoors, as well as wall-to-wall use. The mats can be used in imaginative combination to compliment the internal architecture of the home and are available in a wide choice of colors that include gold, gray, black, bronze, nature, blue, anthracite and amber. Protect your working space with our entry mats that capture walking floor dust and deposits and retain humidity, leaving your working space cleaner and smarter.

Moulds and fungi are prevented, they are UV-resistant and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Entry mats are perfect for use in airport, mall, hospital, lobby, restaurant, bank, gym and anywhere else where a busy underlay is needed. If additional hygienic care is needed, we offer mats equipped with an antibacterial rug cleaning to remove germ and bacterium from entries such as the Aqua Trap Door entry mats and mats with improved dustproof characteristics such as the Polyplush entry mats.

Our Wayfarer door mat, which is very long-lasting and UV-resistant, belongs to the range of our outdoors mats. These mats are perfect for preventing traces of debris from entering the structure and are suited to different climate zones and can be adapted to all types of finish. The mats are intended for use in areas with heavy vehicular congestion and are intended for use at the entrance to outside facilities.

Another long-lasting open-air product, the Oct-O is a heavy, lightweight floor protection rubber door mats that will not move, while our floor protection rubber door mats will endure the harshest use. GHP rubber mats are perfect for use in bad wheather and offer a safe step for foot traffic even in damp and slip hazards.

Ideally suited for use at store entries as well as in trade and industry buildings. Individual logomats are an appealing complement to all office spaces. Comes in a wide range of brilliant colors, mats keep the dusts out and benefit the store or organization. Customer-specific doormats are often used in eateries, colleges and on company grounds.

All our vendors use state-of-the-art graphic design technologies to produce long lasting logo prints without long lasting fade. Let us help you find the right entry mat for your area.

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