Heavy Duty Outdoor Rubber door Mat

Highly resilient rubber door mat for outdoor use

Fleur De Lis rubber floor mat Heavy Duty wrought iron interior outer door. rubberNeedle outdoor rubber door mat Our durable outdoor rubber door mat with thousand of rubber pins removes undesirable stone and debris quickly from your footwear. RubberNeedle outdoor matting is available in three different basic dimensions, from 60cm x 80cm to 90cm x 180cm. A 14 mm high mat will help it to maintain its longevity even in busy inlets.

Brush scraper - Mat Tek

Rubber Brush Doctor is a durable exterior scraping mat that is perfect for eliminating large quantities of building entrances contaminants and deposits and preventing them from getting onto the interior floors. Made from 100% rubber, hundred of rivets on the mat support the removal of dust and deposits from shoes, while the basis is non-slip.

This single unit shaped mat is durable, the ribbed edge provides added security and prevents stumbling blocks, while the elevated edge of the embankment catches fluid that prevents it from escaping to the adjacent soils. Rubber brush scraper is easily cleaned by vibrating and/or tubing.

Gardens, Landscape, Design & Outdoor Living

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