Heavy Duty Rubber car Floor Mats

Highly resilient rubber automotive floor mats

The OXGORD rubber floor mats OxGord rubber floor mats protect the interior of your car while you drive with comfort and style. Safeguard your car from mud, dirt and sand with these durable floor mats from Groupon. Every set comes with four mats - two for the front and two for the back. CAR PASS Linerider Universal All Season Heavy Duty Rubber Car Floor Mats Suitable for Vehicles,..

.. High performance rubber, carpet insert; colour: black; dimensions:

Discount up to 67% on trimmable rubber floor mats

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Northridge's tough rubber automotive mats feature a standard moulded rubber structure to grip and retain dirt, deposits and moisture, while the rugged, weather-resistant styling withstands even the toughest conditions. Featuring more than 5000 individual cutting designs for practically every car, lorry, pickup and SUV, NorthRidge cassette mats are the best option for your car.

Millions of canals are holding down rain, ice, snow, silt, gravel and silt. In contrast to fake shells or linings that allow fluid to circulate around the whole top face of the mats, the Northridge rubber body design distributes humidity and dirt into neighboring boundary ducts. Several hundred rubber lamps on the bottom of the blanket grip the vehicle floor and keep these rubber mats in place.

  • Robust but classy floor mats. - All mats are computer trimmed to ensure a precision fitting - no trim is required. - In order to wash these rubber mats, you should either shaken or spray them.

Tactical High Performance Rubber Floor Mats OxGord 4er Set - Black

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Should you have any queries about the prices and/or discounts available in a particular offer, please do not hesitate to ask the vendor for that offer. The OXGORD rubber floor mats OxGord rubber floor mats help keep the passenger compartment of your car safe while you ride with convenience and styling. Select from one of several different styles to suit the interiors and styles of your car.

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