Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

Highly resilient rubber floor mats

Dusky Heavy Duty Front Floor Mat Lining -. Store for heavy duty car floor mats in car floor mats and carpets. Highly resilient Michelin rubber floor mats. This hot offer for durable rubber floor mats is already in full swing! Order our large selection of durable rubber floor mats today.

ProLiner BDK High performance rubber car floor mats liner for cars

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Can be used on all types of floors

It is also easily cleaned and maintained. The rubber can be created in any kind of design and is therefore ideal for the creation of classical mats. The rubber mats for carpets have studs that tightly clamp the rug and thus guarantee maximal pull. That means that this pad will not glide or move when laid on the carpeting.

It guarantees maximal rubbing when placing the pad on the flat floor. Without getting tired, they can resist very heavy crowds. The rubber mats can also be sprayed with high-pressure spray without damage. The mats are very resistant and can be used for a long time without wear.

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