Heavy Rubber door Mats

Rubber heavy door mats

Elastic mats include recycled tire mats, anti-fatigue mats, water pig mats, rubber boot shells, rubber floor mats and more. Ideal dirt trap and is mainly used in heavily frequented areas. Withstand the temptation to spray dirt away with high-performance cleaners.

elastic mat

Manufactured from naturally occurring and recyclable rubber compounds, rubber mats offer an effective way to keep your carpets secure and sanitary. Extreme comfort and softness of the rubber fabric gives your home, business, dining room or car a classy and stylish feel. Although a rubber door mats offers function, it is a good way to enrich your decor.

Door mats made of rubber can be found in almost all places where it is necessary to keep the surroundings tidy and where there is too much exercise. Specifically developed dewatering apertures in the rubber mats allow the fluid to quickly run off, thus eliminating the build-up of humidity and nasty odors. Equipped with sucker backs and enhanced friction, these non-slip rubber mats ensure sufficient support and ensure the mats remain in place, avoiding accident and injury in damp and unslippery conditions.

Rubber door mats are easily cleaned and ideal for bad wheather. For areas where longer life is needed, the thick rubber pad with structured surface offers padded injury relief, with anti-fatigue back, leg and foot assistance. Rugged and light weight construction makes the pad simple to move and use.

These rubber mats do not tear, flake or disintegrate in extremely hot or freezing temperatures and do not roll. The rubber mats have the ability to decompose or chemical decompose and become absorptive with use.

Whilst security is enhanced by cockroaches and towing, these mats are available in vibrant colours that enhance their visual impact. Hard-weighted industry mats are also available, conceived for locations such as plants and swimming pools.

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