High Quality front door Mats

High-quality entrance mats

Now, this doormat is just fun! Door mats can be both functional and decorative. Floor mat Humor Haustürmatte New house gift, Outdoor, Indoor, Offer Mat. That doormat lives in my entrance area, and it always gets a lot of fun. These high-quality floor mats look breathtaking in front of my front door.

More than just A Door Mat

KOTI-KOBRA manufactures bespoke products for various sectors with international competence in consulting and sales of industry toothbrushes. Decades of practical knowledge in the manufacture of tailor-made door mats in various varieties, dimensions and forms are part of this. High-quality, innovative and sustainable are the main characteristics of the floor mats. KOTI-KOBRA is committed to the use of high-quality resources and state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Flawless processing of the product, continuous quality controls and sound packaging are of the greatest importance. In order to satisfy all requests, different types of mats are available in a variety of colors. OPTI-KOBRA delivers 9 ranges of floor mats: Seven important features determine the quality of the floor mats.

Every entry, corridor, every front door and every back door has a different look. Choosing the right color is a metaphorical process that fits into the surroundings without compromising high quality as well. Krono Kobra manufactures floor mats solely for B-2-B clients, distributors, retailers and so on. As a quality manufacturer and not a retailer, KOTI-KOBRA fulfills all your needs.

Our mats are manufactured according to the requirements of our clients and guarantee 100% customer service. KOTI-KOBRA is a high-quality producer of floor mats and floor mats and offers its own brands. Developing new mesh system and striving to deliver outstanding quality at affordable cost are also driven by these attributes. Each company complements the others with a broad spectrum of offerings, so that we still today are able to supply a singular array of services.

KOTI-KOBRA has many years of expertise and is proud to be able to offer a complete solution for every brush issue. Dependability is one of the highest top business priorities, along with outstanding client support and 100% dedication to them.

Door mat made of natural rubber

Long-lasting: While most of our door mats are made of various recyclable raw material, ours are made of 100% high quality raw material...! Door mats are engineered to be long lasting and powerful, yet still smooth and versatile and versatile. The mats are also made of beautiful interwoven PP and are available in four classy colours and designs to match any décor.

HUMIDITY AND POLLUTION ABSORBS: Our carpet is provided with a thick, rubberized, bevelled edge that will help make a retaining embankment to trap dampness, sludge or other untidy, undesirable deposits from the tracking into your home. In addition, the slightly embossed propylene weave contributes to trapping dust in its textured channels and quickly drie to avoid daily use.

Our 1/4 " thin, flat construction makes our mesh perfect for narrow doorways and entrances. Refined colours and classy designs give your front door, home, loft, offi ce, terrace, parking lot, shop, shed, lounge, entrance and many other communal areas a tasty décor! Just use a portable or full size cleaner, brush with a brush or just throw the surplus dust away outside or over your can.

In order to thoroughly wash the mats, you can either wash them with soft detergent and a moist towel or flush them outside with a waterpipe.

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