High Traffic Entrance Mats

Entrance mats with high traffic volume

More Moderate Traffic - Heavy Traffic - Entrance Systems - More Opportunities to Create Better Environments. These are also effective internally in heavily frequented areas or in service and washing areas. The mats are specially designed to absorb dirt and moisture in your entrance and other high traffic areas. The Berber Commercial Entryway mats offer a dirt-resistant, durable fabric and are available in larger sizes for high traffic areas. Manufacturer of mats for large areas with high frequency of persons.

RolaDek mats Just Mats entrance mats

As a result, tonnes of harmful abrasives can potentially destroy surfaces such as wood, limestone and stone flooring and shorten the lifespan of high-value inlets. RolaDek entrance mats are a high-tech construction that drastically controls this kind of damages, places them in a strategic position at large entrance doors, they are a victim area that can be renovated or substituted with ease.

The entrance mats are characterized by a slim architecture that is perfectly suited for use in heavily frequented areas. These certifications give our users (or customers) the certainty that this products has been evaluated independent and can be used in your next project! That' s how it makes sence - after all, our entrance mats are raw, robust and verdant and esthetically appealing.


Hydrasorb's High Traffic entrance mat is made from a durable 59oz rug fiber and is up to three times heavier than other mats, so it can withstand many years of busy traffic. The trolley will move slightly upwards with the double heavier load side than the normal side, but cracks and crevices will be minimized.

A particularly hard-wearing, daring edge can be used. The Hydrasorb mat has a non-slip grab back that blocks motion and enhances security. Hydrasorb can be made to measure to suit any form, width, height or notch. The Hydrasorb is the perfect solution for all areas where entrance mats are a challenge.

The mat is best used for extremely busy areas. Fibre: 59oz per sqm,

Highly frequented entrance mat 0.9m x 1.5m - Highly frequented - Entrance mats

Super Brush Very High Traffic Entrance has a two-stage construction that removes debris from your footwear. Manufactured from heavy-duty 34oz rug fiber weights, the pad has twice as many fibers as other mats with similar designs and the higher fiber weights result in higher abrasion strength. Also has a rugged vinylic backing to avoid deformation of the pad and absorb and hold large quantities of moisture for application in damp weathers.

Nonslip back of the grab improves security and avoids deformation. Everywhere where entrance mats are subjected to strong traffic.

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