High Traffic Floor Mats

Floor mats with high traffic volume

Highly resilient ribbed polypropylene mat for high traffic entrances and custom sized edges. These are also effective internally in heavily frequented areas or in service and washing areas. They are designed for heavy traffic and general abuse by the public. Self-adhesive carpet mats are a stylish safety measure for the floor. Highly frequented areas, entrances, sidewalks and upscale lobbies.

The Grippy Mat & Traffic Mat prevent slipping, protect your feet and floor.

36 " x 25" Grippy roll of mats, safety cutter and installation tool. You still using slick, slutty gum floor mats? With the PIG Grippy Floor Mats - the world's first self-adhesive mats - you can now have truly secure flooring. Would you like more information about the PIG Grippy Floor Mats? Please click here to browse our PIG Grippy mat information center to find out how you can solve your problems with hire mats.

TC-LogomatenFlorida Custom Logo Mats, Doormats, Doormats, Waterhog EcoLogo Mats

Average traffic: The mats are the main protection against following dust and humidity. Entry mats were supposed to do four things: Check the filth and splash away at the front doors. Keep earth and urine to remove. Minimise the storage of earth and groundwater in the plant. Ensure a secure non-skid finish that does not cause tripping hazards.

The mats can be used inside or outside inlets. Cockroach mats serve as the first line of defence by capturing and retaining heavily ground and sands. The mats should be used with entry mats that are also wipe resistant to clean off dirt and moisture. The mats fulfil many functions.

They are often used as "dust protection mats" or "finishing mats". The other applications of inner mats are point, bulk and floor controls in higher value areas such as automatic dispensers, coffeeservice areas, copiers, registry areas, etc. Inner mats are also very useful for the protection of inner areas against abrasion in highly frequented areas.

The mats are an excellent way to create a good company identity while at the same time preserving the internal area. Logomats drop into one of three categories: Entry mats, inner mats and wiper mats. The mats offer a secure, prolific finish in jobs that demand a long service life. In this situation, the legs become statically active and circulation is restricted.

Antimatter mats allow your legs muscle to shrink and increase circulation, which reduces tiredness. Designed to offer secure support in slip surfaces. They are typically used outside entrance doors, loading platforms and areas where impurities such as oils, greases or waters are high. Antistatic and statically conductive mats are an efficient way to solve the problems.

The antistatic matt test ranges from 108 to 1010 Ohm. Antistatic mats do not cause the electrostatic charging on the mats to rise. The statically conductive matt plating test ranges from 104 to 107 Ohm.

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