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You can use the area calculation method to find out how much carpet is needed for two rooms in a house. The Carpet One Floor & Home is a cooperation of retailers in North America, New Zealand and Australia. Sanitary cleaning for carpets, hard floors and mattresses:

Choosing the right type of carpet for your home

Rugs can look very similar, but understand the difference will help you make the right choices for your home. In order to make your choices easy, we have compiled our definitive carpet guides. THE CARPET: WHAT'S IT MADE OF? When selecting the right carpet fiber, consider its look, feel and lifestyle:

Woollen carpets are hot, luxury and have a long-lasting aesthetic that will endure forever. It' s inherently dirt-repellent and has a much better dirt releasing capacity than any other fiber - but you need to make sure you remove debris quickly. Nylons are the most beloved carpet in Australia.

Extremely smooth, long-lasting and dirt-repellent, it is perfect for busy areas, homes or domestic animals. Solutions Dyed Nylons (SDN) is the next evolution of Nylons carpets. Color is added to the fiber during the manufacturing cycle instead of being subsequently deposited on the fiber's outer layer, making it colorfast to cleansing and exposure to the sun.

The polypropylene is a man-made fiber that is a good choice if you are working with a tight schedule. Antistatic, fading and dirt-repellent, it is often used in rented accommodation, car parks and play rooms. Polyesters are generally appreciated for their glossy look and attractive colors, their high spot durability and the fact that they are one of the most environmentally compatible synthetics on which to place gloves.

Compared to polyamide, it is less expensive and therefore a good choice for budgetary renovation. The Triexta is the newest carpet on the market! It is a high-end 37% renewable polymere fiber made from renewable starch glucose. They have a built-in permanent spot protection and can be removed with just cool tap washes.

It is also extremely smooth and long-lasting, making it a favourite option for lively homes. WHAT CARPET IS YOUR HOME? Strap stack - Single yarns are drawn twice through the carpet back to form a small strap. With a more luxury and stylish look, this carpet is made by trimming thread straps into an erect nap.

Either trimmed floral-plush for a velvet look or the thicker trim-flush-turn. If you have a cat that likes to scrape or scrape the ground, a carpet with a chopped nap is the best choice. Additional stitching of this type conceals stains and footsteps much better than simple trimflor.

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