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At home is where that doormat is! The HOME floor mats are our new favourite items. Greet people in your home with this woven coconut mat that features our original Missouri Home Design. Greet guests in the classic look of this Let's Stay Home Doormat. Greet those you love in your happy home with Natural Coir Doormat.

doormat dot pattern 60 x 90 cm.

The tica floor mat is made of 60% recyclable plastic. Our car trunk storage is complemented by the floor mat designs, which are of the same high level of comfort and can be placed outside all year round. There are two convenient dimensions of the entrance mats: 45 x 75 cm. matching the classical floor mat dimensions and 60 x 90 cm. matching the 90 cm wide doormat.

Floor mats made of the same recyclable rubbers as our shells are very long-lasting and, thanks to their lightness, remain in place regardless of the finish.

Volkswagens - At home is where the camper is Doormat from Pyramid International

Popcultcha does not like to boast, but since we have been working in the collector's business for over 23 years, we know everything about collector collectibles in as good as new state and the demanding character of gathering! Most of us Popcultcha Peeps are also collector ourselves! This means for you that we package your orders the way we would like to get our own orders, so we take great pains to ensure that your goods reach you from our head office safe and reliable.

At Popcultcha we take great care to pack your goods properly and deliver them securely to your desired shipping adress. Aware of the importance of purchasing collectibles in as good conditions as new, we do our best to make sure they stay that way from next door to next. The Popcultcha company will only allow return shipments, refund or exchanges of goods if we are informed or informed within 7 workingdays after receiving the goods at the shipping location you specify.

On receipt of the claim or a production problem, we may require photographs of the package and/or specific item having the problem. This photograph will be reviewed and we will get back to you as soon as possible to talk about your possibilities regarding the products.

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