Horse Doormat

Doormat for horses

Doormat - ploughing draught horses. If your boots are muddy, this doormat is your buddy! Give every room in your home a chic, fashionable look with this Home & More Horses Welcome Door Mat. I' ve made this lovely Dala Horse doormat for Heidi in California - it's Swedish for Come in! You can get your own HERE.

Individual welcome mat | Individual doormat | Horse doormat | Wedding gift.

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If your shoes are slushy, this doormat is your pal! This small blanket, printed with the form of a horse's skull, is perfectly suited for the base of your home, office or barnyard doors! The 2' x 3' squares give this 2' x 3' matt structure and are ideal for restricting the amount of moisture, sludge and external deposits that enter your doors.

Take your dignity and glory with this great, durable doormat today!

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Do you have a boyfriend who's crazy about horse? Horse Doormats are great presents, or why not indulge in this useful and handy horse doormat? Notice: The picture of the blanket is only for your reference, the location of the motives, the form of the characters and the distance can slightly vari.

Purchase horse & foal while playing on the Coir doormat.

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