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Door mats are available in a variety of materials including natural fibres, rubber, plastics and metal. Floor mats improve access to your home, welcome you and don't forget what such mats do for muddy feet. Made to measure mats also make thoughtful and unique gifts at weddings and home heating gatherings. Join Mother House Doormat. Don't worry about dirt getting into the house - this mat does the dirty work for you.

Greet your guest at home with a beautiful mats.

Greet your guest at home with a beautiful mats. Doormats are the first thing that strikes the eyes when you enter a house, so they should be beautiful and mirror your furnishing styles. Placing a plain floor mat is convenient and ideal through the front door, and floor mats coated with a coat of smooth polyamide have a stylish look and can be easily placed in your lounge through the patio door.

Pronounced mats

You will find floor mats that fit the architectonic look of your home or mirror the surrounding nature, that put an attractive face on function or a feather in your crotch. Select from strong die casting, durable gum, recyclable vinyls and sand eating coconut fibre. Buildings with a clear, straightforward architecture, from the craftsman to the modern.

The rubber pad gives the Dard Hunter-inspired pink design a non-slip feel. Entrance to a Victorian-style house or any other stylish house where artistic forging would be a welcome addition. In front of a mud door, where its sandpaper-like finish can give dirty boots a good abrasive wound. An entrance with no room for pots.

This is a low, raised veranda of a garden lover. As Bill Doan, a senior advisor at the Carpet and Rug Institute in Atlanta, says: "A traditionally made fibre blanket will last longer on a roofed veranda, so if your front door is subject to the weather, choose a blanket made of sun and water proof gum, vinyls or metals.

Every door that's open, where the burrs of its rainy look can clear the sole of dirt. Inside or outside, in a sheltered area. The colourful, compact, short fibres will not be a barrier to a sparse doorway. A suitable addition to the vaulted entrance of a Tudor Revival house.

In a back or side door where the embassy doesn't get worn out. Outside a pickled wooden door or an earth-coloured entrance, where the abundant colours of the herd would rather supplement than rival. Before each house with slim, straight outlines. Upon landings of an town terraced house or in a corridor in front of an apartment door.

Simply shake off debris from the ribbon mesh hood fabric pattern. It' s a farmhouse door sill or an intricate Queen Anne entrance. An artistic half-moon with elastic legs to hold it in place. Whether inside or outside an entrance area, where the rough look of this Chilewich matt matches its environment, from classic to modern.

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