House Entrance Mats

Home entrance mats

One mat should be long enough so that you can walk over with both feet before entering the house, the width not being wider than the door itself. Make your floors look beautiful and set the tone for your home with entrance mats. Each beach house needs accent carpets and floor mats, we have put together a large collection that fits every coastal lifestyle.

ground safety

Each of these different types of material offers the operator different functionality advantages. Further important factors are the costs of the mats, their durability and certain functions such as heating mats. Featuring unique styling characteristics such as ribs and structured finishes to grip the bottom and top of your legs to prevent accidentally falling on slip toes.

Entry mats are placed opposite the door to remove external soiling from your footwear. In this way, they keep the inside of the house neat and the inner flooring free from scratches caused by external deposits. At home, heating mats supply warmth in different rooms during the winter months.

Therefore, preheated mats offer ergonomical advantages at home by providing a comfortable home enviroment that enhances the well-being and well-being of homeowners. Mats are also used to heat outdoor melting of snows, helping to clear paths and pavements. That means you need to choose your living mats with care to make sure they are all aesthetic and emphasize your interiors.

The whole routine can be spiced up by placing a delicious welcome entrance pad on your door.

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Lucky home is a home that always has to do with a lot of pedestrian activity. The Manchester House offers funny, cheerful and inspirational floor mats that are as practical as they are eye-catching. In addition, our web, elastic and coconut mats are easily cleaned and long lasting enough to withstand even strong pedestrian loads.

Entrance mat Serengeti - Nature & charcoal

Accurately crafted by hand, this beautiful African-inspired piece sets a refined and demanding tone in the home. The Echoes of Africa echoes in this fishbone structure, creates a vibrant look that lends a ripe touch to any room. Carpets are primarily made of uncoloured fibers and fibers. Carpets made of naturally occurring fibers lose fibers that can be accelerated by regularly sucking them up.

The Armadillo & Co carpets are handmade to give you many years of pleasure. Immediate handling of debris, frequent vacuum cleaning and turning carpets in busy or sunny areas will prolong their service lives. Meeting in 2007, Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst were inspiration to design sleek, basic and premium carpets they couldn't find for their own home.

But what they couldn't find, they chose to do and founded Armadillo & Co to fill this nook. It is our aim to preserve and improve these ancient techniques through a modern styling approach. The Armadillo & Co range is 100% handcrafted using fair trade techniques with naturally occurring and durable fibers. The carpets we make are easily laid on this planet.

The carpets we make are easily laid on this planet.

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