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Sweet Home Custom Doormat Surname Welcome Mat Inauguration Gift New Home Gift Personalized Wedding Gift Coconut Mat Outdoor Doormat. It is available in two designs that are offered in our market: "Bless your home" or "Welcome". Include Curb Appeal with stylish door mats. Coffee, Target and Amazon Prime are running in this house. Homepage > House & Garden > Door mats.

A weekend project: Welcome fruit mats

We' re turning our new place into a house, duty by duty. Last weeks we hardly got a single berth after having slept on a floor in the last 4 month on a dorm! At one of my Ikea races, I kept a round welcome pad that I thought would be enjoyable to turn into something, and I got it last night - FRUIT!

Plus, once you slice it into two halves, you get two mats for the cost of one. My favourite purchase from Anthropologie was a welcome blanket in this semi-circular form with a beautiful design. So I knew I didn't want to make it that difficult, so this fruity variety is a simple one.

Old thresholds: Classic Welcome Mats & Protective Medusa Mosaics

In fact, some historic instances are quite similar to contemporary mats, such as the stop of Pompeji's House of Fauns carved with "HAVE" (meaning welcome). Nowadays, of course, mats also fulfil practical functions, apart from being inviting (or trying to have a sense of humour). However, they still fulfil the same old role and help to redefine the emerging spaces between outdoor and indoor use.

More of Bonds' thoughts on old and contemporary threshold values can be found in her articles The (Evil) Have It: Eyes: Reception and warning of old people.

Fun, rude, rude Welcome mats

The Welcome Mats say a great deal about the human beings who are living in them. This all means that you can get by with a welcome matt - but not with an old welcome matt. If you need one that really says how you really felt when all these guys are banging your doors in, we are always there to help you!

Welcome mats can cause a number of reactions; some may be laughing while others may be insulted. However, aren't these sensible guys the kind of person you don't want to keep for a long time anyway? And if the cops often hit your doors (no judgments!), this welcome pad can be especially useful (, $19.95).

Don't you just love it when folks chase sludge into your house? This is the whole point of having welcome mats - to get folks to remove the grime from their feet before it lands on your newly exhausted ground. However, just in case the mats themselves are not enough, they spell things out aloud and clearly (, $5.30).

When your visitor can't understand a clue, welcome them with a stick and saber and that will serve the purpose (, $6.51). If you own a gun and want the whole wide open community to know - or just that you''re a thief - this welcome blanket will make any intruder think twice, even your mother (, $19.99).

You may need to make your desires clear every single minute if subtleness doesn't work with this welcome pad that makes your users disappear (, $26.99). Just in case "Go away!" doesn't do the job..... If you need something said in different ways before it goes down, this welcome pad should do the job (overstock, $31.99).

So that your husband, wife, children and flat mates don't get the false idea, this welcome blanket will help them know they can come and go as they please (Amazon, $19.99).

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