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Husky liner and floor mats shop for car floor mats and carpets. Use Husky flooring and cargo pads to keep the interior of your car clean. Rubber and all-weather linings are available. We' re a proud Husky dealer on the Internet. We are repeatedly asked about the differences between these two top brands of floor mats.

What can I do to return my liner to its initial shine?

What can I do to return my liner to its initial shine? Unfortunately, dark floor coverings show faster signs of dust and abrasion than paints - and that can make them look blunt. It is recommended to clean your liner with mild detergent and a mild bristle cloth. Don't use Armor All as it will make your liner slick.

What do I do to get my Husky mudguards back to their former shine? Wash the mudguards thoroughly with detergent and cleaning agent. As soon as the mudguards are dried, mop them up with a high-quality automobile detail paint. Where is the discrepancy between WeatherBeater floor coverings and X-act Contour floor coverings?

Both our X-act Contour floor coverings and WeatherBeater floor coverings are individually tailored to your car. Also the floor covering by the liner style is very similar. Contour liner feels soft and rubberier, while WeatherBeaters are flexible but not so elastic.

Do you have a car with synthetic floor coverings, do you have a special item for me? Featuring a soft, rubberized fabric, the X-act Contour Liner is ideal for use with vinyls. Floor covering must be cleaned (free of dust and dirt) so that the carrier materials are in close touch with the flooring.

Which is a "Cab and Chassis" Modelltruck and do your Liner work? Cab and chassis models (also known as chassis cabs) are special vehicles that are delivered ex works with only one chassis and Cab-it would not have a normal lorry base. Often, these vehicles are fitted with floor pan modification which allows the inclusion of hydraulics or PTOs.

These properties often prevent our liner from matching. To see if our liner is suitable for a cab and chassis type, please read the technical notes attached to the parts list. My older car is not on the list, will you add older cars? Liner demands begin to decline as soon as a particular liner type is superseded by a newer one.

Due to falling market demands, we do not often supplement liner for cars that are no longer in use. It' s possible that we suddenly offered a liner for the desired type. As I see you have liner for crew and extended cab lorries, why don't they go in my standard cab?

Regular cab truck (also known as Regular Cab Trucks) often have differently formed floor trays than the elongated truck. As a rule, the channel work for deflecting the air flow to the rear is located under the floor ladles, which causes the deformed floor. Is it possible to mount the mudguard and mudguard together? It is possible to mount the mudguards and mudguards on the same vehicle.

When the mudguards are already mounted, it may be necessary to "pull out" the bolts that secure the mudguard before WWG mounting.

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