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High-quality modular carpet tiles for residential and commercial use on offer. Back then, we needed a living area that could withstand two children, a dog and a cat," says Frank. A quick and easy way to create a new stylish decor. Carpet tiles' versatility and flexibility offers virtually unlimited possibilities without compromising style, quality and value. Floors signature strikethrough carpet tiles.


To let you know that the carpet tiles we bought from you worked very well at our stand for the fair we recently participated in. Putting down the tiles and packing them for the next show was much simpler. We no longer have to tolerate a battered carpet of reds or blues offered by the congress bureau.

This is a high-tech enterprise and the black carpet tiles you sent us worked great and stand out from the other exhibiting companies. You have been referred to several of our buddies in the business and we will keep recommending you.

3D modular carpet tiles

If the floor covering needs to be replaced, just raise and lower the carpet tiles and place the new tiles over the tiles. Some of the characteristics of the Tracfast® system are: What does the Tracfast® system do? There is no need for particular assembly knowledge, as the smart system of connecting boards is very simple to use.

You can even lay your own tiles over your own floors with Tacfast®. It is a range of mature, intermeshing panels made of synthetic material, which can be connected by means of lock washers. Please click here to view the pdf data sheets of Tacfast®.

Teppichfliesen - Trevors Carpets

Use carpet tiles? Teppichfliesen offers flexibility in choice and a multitude of designs. The most choosy shoppers can find a look that works for them with carpet tiles. Teppichfliesen are also very many-sided applicable and give houses, shops and common areas equally a mad appearance.

There are many advantages of carpet tiles, but some of the most important considerations to consider are carpet tiles: Since carpet tiles are truly single tiles, it is simple to quickly substitute a tiles or range of tiles if they are overused or coloured. Just change the problematic area and the remainder of the flooring remains untouched.

There are often areas in office and home spaces that are occupied by furnishings, so there is also the possibility of replacing an invisible floor covering (e.g. one that is placed under the sofa) with a coloured one. However, if the spot or marking is less thick, simply pull off the affected carpet tiles, rinse and change the marking.

A lot of folks also find it simpler to clean their carpet when it has been taken off the ground because it is easily tampered with and examined. Whereas a traditional roller carpet does not allow this without affecting much of the carpet laying, carpet tiling allows simple accessibility to all areas of the ground without requiring large movements to the required carpet.

Allergics are an important factor for many when it comes to carpet laying. An old-fashioned carpet consists of woollen or cottons and is backed with fine fleece and Hessen fibers. As a rule, it also lies on a carpet base. The base as well as the carpet produce their own microparticles that readily form fibers that stimulate the paranasal sinuses often found in humans.

Carpet tiles are a good selection for many objects, from economic efficiency to individualisation in terms of styling and simple maintenance.

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