In door Mats

Door mats

Interior mats are designed to meet the requirements of any door. Equipped with a fully jacketed, raised lip circumference that contains any liquid or dirt to protect your floors. Humans carry more than themselves into a building when they use an entrance. Benefit from the unbeatable stocks and prices of Quebec's construction and renovation experts. Receive free shipping of qualifying orders including floor mats!

Limited lifetime warranty

This does not mean that a simple and natural wear and tear caused by ordinary use is a potential cause for guarantee exchange or reimbursement. Because we are sensible individuals, we believe in real client satifaction. Together with you we will find a solution for each of your problems.

Most of our clients are not charged any additional costs for our goods, so we can meet ludicrous guarantee demands from a few. We make a definitive determination and either replace your item free of cost or calculate a pro-rata amount for a substitute, i.e. we may grant you a rebate to buy an accurate one.

It is our aim to keep our clients satisfied throughout their lives and to always find a solution for every problem. Excluded from this guarantee are abrasion caused by strong abrasion environments, chemicals such as spills, bleaching agents, car crashes, improper use, improper use, improper installations, improper use, etc.

floor mats

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It also prevents surplus debris and debris from accumulating at your entrance. The Majestic and Aquasorb mats give you the best in terms of looks and longevity. The Aquasorb mats perform superbly and are the first entry-level entry-level mats to trap humidity and debris, drying quickly and being easily cleanable.

Have a look at our Shelf Nylon Mat or our Shelf Nylon Ultimate Mat!

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