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The Amazon India is dedicated to the observance of Indian rules and traditions. Currently sells shoes and other items bearing the three-colored Indian flag on behalf of a seller. Canadians must be reprimanded and warned not to sell Indian flagged mats. The Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has reportedly asked e-commerce giant Amazon to apologize for insulting the country's national flag.

Have a look at some common rules and/or guidelines for compliance with the Indian flag.

Khadi 2' 3' Shyamaraj national flag from India 2' 3': Gardens & Exteriors

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Amazonia stops selling Indian flagged mats after visas are threatened

A third person on Amazon's Canada portals dismantled the floor mat last Wednesday. "The article is no longer available on the site," said a Amazon spokesperson in an e-mail. The Amazon Canada site is selling floor mats designed around other flag nations, but under Indian legislation any defilement of its flag is subject to fine and prison.

Amazon's Twitter affiliate had previously replied to furious Twitter users' remarks by saying that the matting on their Indian gateway was not being resold and concern had heightened. Twittering that Swaraj had asked the Indian High Commission in Canada to address the Amazon problem after being alerted to it by a Twitter subscriber from India's finance capitol, Mumbai, Swaraj said, the Indian High Commission in Canada had been the first to ask about the problem.

The Swaraj is a productive consumer of the site and often reacts to a tweet on it. Amazonia makes a big wager on India and has sworn to spend more than $5 billion when it comes to Flipkart and Schnapdeal to gain a larger stake in the world's most rapidly expanding online service industry.

Speaking at an Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting in Washington last year, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said India was the company's rapidly expanding area.

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