Indian Flag Doormat

Doormat with Indian flag

Amazon Canada therefore sells floor mats with an Indian flag, and this has attracted the attention of Sushma Swaraj, Foreign Minister. Canadians must be reprimanded and warned not to sell Indian flagged mats. The Amazon drew floor mats representing the Indian flag. A doormat with an Indian flag was on the list for Amazon Canada. Don't play with the Indian flag.

Amazon sells floor mats with an Indian flag. Why?

Amazonia India is devoted to the observance of Indian laws and customs. Amazonia does not feel well that the sale of floor mats that illustrate the tricolor offered by a third supplier in Canada has violated Indian sensitivities," said Amazon India Country Manager Amit Agarwal. After a serious announcement from Secretary of State Sushma Swaraj about the sale of floor mats that illustrate the tricolor, Amazon repented on Thursday for "offensive" Indian emotion and told her about the withdrawal of the item from its Canadian website.

In the same measure that these articles provided by a third provider in North American disrupt the Indian sensibilities, has regretted the same. Said he also said that continues to be consistently committed to India, as the CEO Jeff Bezos's declaration last year about the company's plan to spend $5 billion in India shows.

"We value our relationships with the Indian people, with the Indian governments, with the businessmen and founding fathers of the country, and especially with our Indian clients and employees," said Agarwal. Swaraj reacted significantly on Wednesday after receiving a grievance about Amazon. com US sold floor mats that illustrated the Indian flag on its website, urging the e-commerce company to remove articles and give an absolute excuse, otherwise no official consent will be given by Amazon. com will receive Indian responsibility and the previously approved ones will also be revoked.

He had also asked the Indian Embassy to discuss the issue with North America. Swaraj had expressed her rage at's sale of such an awkward doormat, looking for a large Indian footprint, in a string of postings on the Twitter site. You must remove any objects that disparage our flag.

"Unless this happens, we will not issue an Indian visas to Amazon officials.

Amazons sorry about India flag doormat fiasko

Amazon, the on-line dealer, has apologized for the sale of Indian-flagged mats on its website in Canada. On Wednesday Amazon took the item off its website and the next morning apologized for the sharp critique of the company by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. Mrs Swaraj had twittered that India would suspend the present visa for Amazon civil servants if it did not apologize.

In India the violation of the flag is punished with fine and prison sentence. Amit Agarwal, the Indian vice-president of Amazon, said in a declaration that his company "is obliged to comply with Indian law and custom". "It was a third vendor, not Amazon, who offered these items for purchase in Canada....

Amazons regret the same thing. We never had the intention or intention to hurt the Indian feelings at any time," he said. Swaraj had asked the Indian High Commission in Canada in a row of Twitter requests to address the Amazon problem after being alerted to it by another Twitterer.

"Amazonia must apologize unconditionally. You have to pull back all those insults to our flag," she said. "Unless this happens immediately, we will not issue an Indian Amazon officer with an Indian visum. We' re also going to revoke the previously granted visas." In June, Amazon was in a similar dispute over the sale of floor mats representing Hindu deities.

As Flipkart, India's largest on-line merchant, joins the series in a heated fight with Amazon for shares.

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