Indoor Mat

inner mat

Take a look at our range of indoor mats at your local Bunnings Warehouse. This indoor mat prevents pedestrian traffic from causing chaos in your tidy home. Are you able to use the unique properties of the famous OTTO perforated mat indoors? Carpets & door mats shop area. Greet your guests at home with this sweet floor mat that features a durable polyester surface and non-slip back.

Non-slip inner mat - Uni-colours

Wide selection of colorful indoor matting ideal for reducing the chance of falling and minimizing the chance of stumbling in and around the house. Featuring a selection of nine trendy colors to choose from, these mattresses have a durable gum pad with ultra-grip lamps that not only prevent the mat from sliding, but also help minimize any motion when the mat is set up.

The paint is specifically finished with a durable, tough ruffled finish to prevent fading. Our nap is conceived in such a way that it is shockproof and the mat keeps its smoothness even after use. Skin structure retains debris and moisture and helps scratch footwear cleanly. These low profiled meshes are suited for all tile, wood or linoleum finishes and have a conical security frame to prevent tearing.

As an alternative, these meshes can be mechanically laundered and dryed in a dryer. Select from a variety of modern colors to match a broad palette of home decorations.

Important characteristics

The BetterLiving Indoor Mat is perfect for preventing falling in and around the house. It is made from 100% non-slip vulcanised steel mesh and is made from 100% non-slip vulcanised steel sheet. Contains Ultra-Grip lamps to minimize motion. The gripping action may be impaired if the mat is penetrated by moisture and injuries may occur.

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Limited lifetime warranty

This does not mean that a simple and natural wear and tear caused by ordinary use is a potential cause for guarantee exchange or reimbursement. Because we are sensible individuals, we believe in real client satifaction. Together with you we will find a solution for each of your problems.

Most of our clients are not charged any additional costs for our goods, so we can meet ludicrous guarantee demands from a few. We make a definitive determination and either replace your item free of cost or calculate a pro-rata amount for a substitute, i.e. we may grant you a rebate to buy an accurate one.

It is our aim to keep our clients satisfied throughout their lives and to always find a solution for every problem. Excluded from this guarantee are abrasion caused by strong abrasion environments, chemicals such as spills, bleaching agents, car crashes, improper use, improper use, improper installations, improper use, etc.

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