Indoor Outdoor Floor Mats

Outdoor indoor floor mats for outdoor use

Make an outdoor home with these sturdy but stylish floor coverings. Capture confusion before it enters your home with a doormat indoors and outdoors in your entrance, mud room or directly in front of your front door. You will find high-quality indoor outdoor floor mats at reasonable prices. Chilewich's Shag mats for indoor and outdoor use add a touch of colour to your kitchen or sink. Poinsettia Joy To The World Indoor/Outdoor Floor Matte Poinsettia Joy To The World Holiday Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat.

Printed floor mats for indoor and outdoor use on request

Materials100% 100% polystyrene 20oz. strap rug features dark cover and dark turgan profile back for non-slip finish. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Printing technologyDye sublimation. Please be aware that due to a manufacturing margin of up to 0.5" from printing orientation, we advise you not to use a frame or margin directly on the printing edge.

Pattern & DeviationsWith sound blackbacks, the bow tends to show part of the whiteness underneath, as the colours only "colour" the tips of the bows and sometimes small whites become visible. Printing specifications 18x24" 5000x3800; 24x36" 7400x5000; 36x60" 9150x5550. Store your templates as JPG or PNG images with the printing specifications below.

Inside/Outside Floor Mats - 18" x 24" Inside/Outside Floor Mats - 24" x 36" Inside/Outside Floor Mats - 36" x 60".

Outdoor indoor floor mats for outdoor use

Offering our clients the added flexibility of an indoor and outdoor floor that can cope with the prevailing meteorological and vehicular environment, our extensive range of commercially available outdoor floor mats for both indoor and outdoor use. Floor mats are engineered to surpass your expectation when it comes to capturing and concealing grime and preventing grime and damp from your surroundings.

Also, we make every effort to be green, and many of our floor mats are made with post-consumer recyclable mats. One of our indoor floor mats is sure to increase not only the security but also the look of your current door.

In/Outdoor Shag floor mat from Chilewich

}else{$('#request_msg').show().html('Merci pour la demande de devis, nous vous contacterons dans les plus brefs délais') ; //$('#quoteModalBody').html(' Merci pour votre demande de devis. We will contact you soon! The Shag Board black/white Sripe mats are distinctive in style and feels great to go, making them perfect for the bathroom, outdoor patio, swimming pools and entrances.

Fast dry, mould, mildew and chloride proof, the ideal home solution. Indoor/Outdoor Shag mats are manufactured by steaming customised extrusion yarn as a loop onto a virgin backing and then bonding it to a hard working synthetic material that can withstand any outdoor storms and offers indoor practicality.

In 2000 Sandy introduced table mats and floor mats with their pioneering, characteristic fabrics to the market. Their floor mats offered a neat, contemporary alternate to walking. The strips must run along the long side of the floor mats and large mats and along the front side of the floor mats and skids. - Mold-, mould- and chlorine-resistant.

  • Don't place on the floor or place anything made of plastic on the floor. Discolouration of the floor or floor may result. Even though our shags are mould proof, the underlying floor covering may not be optimal.

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