Indoor Rubber Mat

Rubber mat for indoor use

Heavy-duty sand workstation Ulta anti-slip surface mat. Matting - Login Help? Manufactured from a durable rubber compound, these mats withstand the toughest conditions, are easy to clean and practically weatherproof. Gymnastic floors are produced, including gymnastic mats for indoor weightlifting and other square speckled rubber tiles. With our mat selection line you can easily find the perfect mat for your project.

RF700 Acoustic Rubber Mat

The World Uniroll acoustic mat RF700 is a closed-cell acoustic mat that does not allow noise to pass through, unlike tire rubber and inferior rubber, which is granular and allows noise to pass through. Its 700 kilograms per square meter of base provides excellent noise protection.

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Our company deals with all types of rubber matting such as anti-fatigue matting, anti-slip matting, entry matting, garages matting, gymnastic matting, lawn matting, switch matting - all made of rubber. Rubber matting increases skid-proofness, security and prevent falls.

Furthermore, we provide customer-specific services and can create custom matting according to your specific requirements. Elastic floors provide a naturally firm grip for outstanding grip and shock-absorption. Gymnastic matting is available in all forms and heights. You will find one of the widest selection of high-quality and inexpensive gymnastic matting at our shop.

We offer our gym matting in top workmanship for schools, leisure, work and home use. Exercise pads for indoor and indoor use. Have a look at our possibilities and find everything you need to furnish your gym area. Our stable matting is DLG-tested, independant rubber product test laboratory, so we can guarantee you our product specifications such as fabric grade, tear resistance, wear, elongation, etc. The matting is simple to maintain, simple to maintain, simple to assemble and self-trim.

Lawn protectors that avoid carrying on grasses and soils. Turf blankets help avoid settlement and swampy soil while offering a safe surfacing for ingress. Ideal as a park mat, playmat, goal mat, tent floor and for open-air activities.

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