Industrial Anti Slip Mats

Anti-slip industrial mats

At Amco we offer a range of anti-slip and anti-slip mats for every situation. Fat, oil and chemical resistant production mats. Our offer includes logo printing, anti-slip mats, solid floor coverings and much more. Black COBA industrial floor tile PVC working floor with solid surface. Fatigue-free, noise-reducing foam mats for easy use.

Non-slip mat traction | Stop Slips & Falls

Our Mat-Traction anti-slip mats are a wearable way to avoid slipping and falling in industrial or professional applications. It also offers anti-fatigue characteristics, liquid stability and pass-through designs for cleaning particles and dirt. Select from two kinds of industrial anti-slip mats, each with a different non-slip grain option:

Ideal for arid areas, light spraying or tracing oils. Gentle tile is best suited for moist, spray and greasy uses with ergonomical comforts. Select the grain sizes according to the anti-slip characteristics required for your use. Used for a wide range of industrial and security uses. Colors and markers can be used to draw alertness, identify cautions, and convey security information.

Look out for dangerous edges with a high-contrast colour. Colours on this website are only a useful aid for the first colourchoice. Depending on the grain sizes (coarseness) and basic materials of the structure, the real colour of the final products may differ slightly from the colour shown on your screen.

Please ask for a specimen to see the current colour.

Non-Slip Mats - All industrial producers

tactual sensors are of robust construction. It' s easy styling demands minimum servicing and has a non-slip finish. with a molded platform section. It' s easy styling demands minimum servicing and has a non-slip finish. ARGONOMIC MATS FOR INDUSTRIES & SERVICES Quality The matt has excellent abrasion properties and prevents items from being trapped in the matt.

Powerful entry mats with " Aqua Dam " carpeting, rubberized edges on all 4 sides serve as a dam and can absorb up to 4 liters of moisture per sqm. There is a high level of fabric finish....

Switch mats are designed to provide protection against hazardous mobile devices in automatic manufacturing workflows. All our superficial sensor are available in different height and with different materials characteristics like slip resistance..... or shift. It consists of a unique self-adhesive side, which remains firmly attached to the base of the unit, and a non-adhesive, non-slip side sanding area.

Lifetime 1 Self-sealing 1 ..... Anti-fatigue, slip resistance, loadable and adaptable.

Regupol® Anti-Slip Factor ?D Sheet 15 of VDI Guideline 2700 defines the minimal demands on the anti-slip mat's adhesion properties. Regupol® anti-slip fitting.... The Regupol® 1000 LSE is a premier quality grade chemical grade of Regupol. This anti-slip pad is designed for loads of up to 6.30 N/mm and is therefore ideal for transporting large loads.

An extensive test was conducted to determine the readiness for operation in various.... -Technical data: medium compressive strength, waterproof and non-slip - Application: The use of this type of material is very broad and can be adapted to the operation. -Characteristics: manufactured from the barrel... we have different designs, or can open moulds for customers. waterproof, easily cleanable, suitable for cows, horses, etc. no odor. Wasserführung.

Security Contacts Mats SENTIR are laminated profiles which are used for the protection of hazardous areas in the whole industrial and manufacturing area. An anti-slip underside and antibacterial characteristics make this mats an immediate classics. Non-slip elastic basis & lattice pattern Antibacterial All-Grid, .......... The 3' x 4' pad makes you feel good with a deeply padded anti-fatigue coating, antibacterial features, a non-slip elastic floor and drain slashes.

Designed for interior use only, they are laid on the ground under carpets, skids or mats. Vehicle eight yard mats (under 25,000 lb.) fibreglass compound allows the panel to flex and rotate but not crack through heavier payload. Characteristics - Made from 100% Naturkautschuk for longevity - Resilient Naturkautschuk points provide an outstanding soil wiping and catching effect - soil is efficiently removed by brushing and then kept in a firm basis - ..... .... naturekautschukmatten.

Affordable non-slip, finely grooved finish on one side, finely printed fabric on the back. Finely grooved rubber mat is ideal for loosely laying flooring, catwalks,.... zenith Industrial Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd..... in sidewalks or around high-traffic machines. Available also with non-slip, impervious back to prevent soiling.

Non-slip finish. Featuring a non-slip finish and a 2-inch slanted platform to prevent tripping hazards and extraordinary draining, this one-of-a-kind construction is reversed. Complies with the slip resistance test Catergory R10 according to standard EN13552. 1. Hight of product: 12mm. An anti-slip latex pad developed to minimize superficial flaws. IEC 6111111 Isolating materials Protective devices against electrical shocks.

Always place the middle mat between 2 mats.

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