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Pressure-resistant embossed waffle design with borders for outdoor use. Our company is a complete supplier of floor coverings for household and industry as well as door mats. If this is true, you do not have to immediately take the door mats outside the answer. Rubber floor mats are supplied throughout the UK and Europe. The NBB offers the widest range of mats in the UK, including entrance door mats and rubber mats.


That makes them an excellent option for all kinds of entries such as bathrooms, side pools, hallways and mains. They are very long-lasting and robust, which makes them perfect for damp and dirty areas. The exquisite mat roll will leave an impressing mark on your guests.

As the UK entry mat maker, we offer a variety of entry mats in a range of exciting and compelling styles. It is the aim of entry mats to minimise the risks of slipping and falling suddenly. Carpeted floor entry mats are usually placed at interior doors. The mats are hard-wearing, durable and water-repellent.

There is a wide range of entry mats that you can purchase according to your needs and within your budgets, such as e.g. PVC entry mats, roll-on mats and hard load entry mats, etc.

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Our product line offers the most comprehensive assortment of industrial mats, among them anti-fatigue mats, chipboard mats, kitchen mats, kitchen mats, and anti-slip mats. We have a wide assortment of recreational mats for showers, pools and gymnastics. Our poolside mats and showers provide skid resistance and are easy to lift for easy clean up.


Doormats not only increase the attractiveness of your lobby, they also protect your premises from the damaging impact of dusts, grime and deposits. Top of the range matting enables you to advertise your company logo and build a corporate identity. Elegant, tailor-made designs give you a unique twist that allows you to add the look you want to the door of your homes.

Our selection of entry mats ranges from classic to contemporary style, from easy-care naturals to custom designed graphics, logos and mats.

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