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Door mats with logo for industrial use

Industrial carpets with logo. Kitchen mats for restaurants Anti-fatigue kitchen mats. One of the most important features of our comprehensive range of industrial floor mats is the High-quality industrial and office mats keep your doors clean and safe. The kitchens are large users of these items, but many other industries also use them.

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Are you looking for mats that are designed to last? Nothing is left untried to ensure that you get the mats that are right for your needs. Our mats are all purchased from renowned, ISO-certified suppliers, which means you can rely on the highest possible mat qualities for every sale.

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Specialist Mats is committed to offering the highest standard of customer care to all our clients. Situated in Tonbridge, Kent, we are a family-owned company and are always at your disposal for help and advise. Our low cost warranty means that you can be sure that we not only provide excellent customer care, but also unmatched value.

Quick deliveries throughout the UK. All of our comprehensive assortment of high-quality entry mats is purchased from Great Britain, Europe and the USA. Our product line includes mats that are highly durable to oils and greases and are ideal for use in industrial and commercial areas to combat wear and tear. The chip mats in our assortment are very much in demand for use in foodstuffs processing.

Periodic extraction

It is a very important characteristic as it avoids slipping and falling at work. Most of these mats, in other words, provide ergonomical convenience in the work place, especially in areas where the worker has to stay too long. Many of these spots can be very persistent and even tolerate barley, salt, barley, soap and/or even splash shoulders.

Always apply the blanket evenly to the surface to dry off after use. Ensure that you wash the bottom of and around the pad before returning the pad to its place.

Specialist for floor and door mats

Ideally mats provide a countrywide morning care delivery that delivers all kinds of mats to all kinds of individuals for all kinds of locations. Because of their smoothness, versatility and cleanability, our carpeting mats are extremely well-loved. The mats are easily cleaned, we even have a wide selection of mats that can be cleaned by hand - just put them in your laundry dryer for maintenance and then put them up to tumble drying.

Up to 6.6 metres in length and up to 2 metres in width, we deliver mats - simple or with a logo, with or without a border and with a back coating adapted to your ground area. Proud of our love of detail - whether through high-quality photographs of products or our responsiveness to e-mails or telephone notifications.

View our selection of British door mats manufactured to the highest standard here in the UK.

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