Industrial Doormats

Doormats for industry

Doormats, entrance mats, logo mats, anti-fatigue mats and industrial floor mats. Our company is a complete supplier of floor coverings for household and industry as well as door mats. Discover industrial floor mats, black colour and more! Keeping your door clean and accident-free through the long and hard winter with industrially heated floor mats.

Doormats, door mats, commercial mats, kitchen mats, bath mats, anti-fatigue mats

The Apache brand provides a broad line of environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, innovating floor matting made from recyclable material. The divisions produces: The Apache mat is available in the main US divisions: We have been serving the caretaker, small businessman, small businessman, catering, factory outlet and services sectors with a full line of industrial goods for 40 years. Our OEM Specialty department AMI Composites provides OEM solutions:

Having vast research and engineering expertise, AMI manufactures sophisticated and specialised floor covering systems for the OEM bulk transport and specialist industry.

Keeping your floor surfaces cleaner with durable floor mats.

A few organizations decide on a short-term solution - they buy their own mat ting and sanitize it themselves. Keeping our soil maintenance products cleaner and safer is not only important for occupational hygiene and welfare, but also contributes to creating a better run, cheaper and more timesaving company.

Protecting your floor by capturing active debris and humidity that has come in, our trade flooring reduces the risk of slippage and helps you keep your surface in perfect working order. Our professional washing service is carried out on a routine base to make sure that the mat is as effective as possible throughout its lifetime. With our expert teams, you can choose the best floor care solutions for your office to help keep your floor protected, from the front doors to the entire organization.

While we take good account of your surroundings, we also take good account of the general surroundings. It was the first UK based business to have 100% of our End of Life matting recycled and disposed of in landfills. Our countrywide net of support centers ensures that industrial and industrial entrance matting and floors maintenance products are supplied on site by a local sales force committed to the smooth operation of your equipment.

What should you use high performance matting for? Most of our matting can be imprinted with your own company logos or other graphic designs. Choosing a logomat can have a drastic effect. We deliver your entire assortment of floors to you. Special skilled staff collects these contaminated blankets and replaces them with professional washed blankets according to your needs.

You will always have absolutely efficient matting and your ground is always covered. Long stands in the same place, often on a rigid cement ground, can have adverse consequences not only for the person individually but also for the employers. Safety anti-fatigue mat. Our matting is part of our lifting and lying surface maintenance solutions, so you can be sure it will stay efficient, secure and hygenic.

We can help you with every detail of a given assignment and select the best mat for your needs! Inspect our anti-fatigue matting, logmatting or industrial matting and industrial floor mating. Talk to a member of our staff about matting and floor care for your company.

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