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Entrance mats for industry

Entry, anti-fatigue, wet area and various workplace mats. We have a large stock of floor and industrial mats designed for specific environments, such as the fish departments of supermarkets. Even on long days in challenging environments, our products help American workers work - effectively, efficiently and safely. The rubber floor mats are a good way to provide additional traction on slippery surfaces, increasing safety and preventing accidents in commercial/automotive applications. Doormats for companies, hospitals, gyms and more.

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To get the most out of this website, it is advisable to update to the latest available web browsers. Seton's extensive line of work mats is specifically developed to offer you a clean, safe and healthy working area. Reducing accidents and work injury and improving the convenience and efficiency of your employees with our full line of high value entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, wet areas and various types of mats.

Industry/Material Handling | Industrial Floor Mats & Safety Mats

Reduce employee tiredness and increase employee efficiency by offering employee convenience and security with industrial and materials flow environment engineered solutions. Durable produces a wide range of mat product that will suit your equipment, including: Unfatigue floor mat product gives workmen the necessary help to keep them cool and reduce the strain on their bodies.

There are different versions of our mats, which can be used in all areas where your staff need shelter. Industry and materials flow environment can also be dangerous for people. As a result, injury to staff may result and other expensive issues may arise.

Durable security solutions offer a secure grip in icy environments and can be engineered for high visibility in order to enhance security action. Explore our product range to see which option is best for your company. Call us at 1.800.537.1603 or order anti-slip, anti-fatigue and other employee maintenance and protective equipment by contacting us on-line.

Alternatively, you can e-mail us to find a long-lived distributor near you.

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To prevent the ingress of dust and humidity into your industrial premises, the most efficient way is to use a high-quality industrial entrance mats. Our corporate industrial entrance mats are all of the highest qualitiy and are intended for high-traffic areas that last 5 years or longer.

The best-selling industrial entrance mats are our Waterhog mats - they are durable, two-stage industrial mats that scratch and mop shoe debris, which is then placed in the mats until it is removed for cleaning, so it won't be traced on your property. This industrial mats provide maximal separation of debris and keep your grounds as neat as possible.

Do you need help selecting an industrial entrance mat, industrial doormat or industrial doormat? Contact us today and we will be pleased to help you select the right industrial mats for your needs.

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